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Some people can't seem to understand why so many French are protesting after #Macron's victory. The most popular comment goes pretty much like "you got what you voted for", which is revealing: these commenters understand politics as if it was a soccer match in which the only thing that matters is winning. They can't seem to understand that Macron won because he was the lesser evil, and the fight needs to continue, if people don't want to see France become a neoliberal hell

Jean-Karim Bockstael @jkb

@Antanicus Also some people seem to assume that winning a round of votes grants automatically a 100% approval rating nationwide, even if he wasn't elected as a lesser evil there would still be people who didn't vote for him and thus would have a perfectly valid reason to protest.

I think these people don't really get the point of democracy and counter-power and think that elected heads of state are in fact omnipotent supreme leaders. Elect your dictator and then shut up, in a way.

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