Any gardening equipment that requires hearing protection should be illegal to use during the weekend


Indeed my neighbour has spent the past two hours trimming their hedge using a tool that's louder than most dirt bikes, why do you ask?

That's one reason why I look forward to moving to an apartment building! Lawns/Gardens can be really noisy 😅

@sigsegv There's a catch : gardens can be noisy from time to time, appartement buildings let you hear your neighbours all year round

@jkb Ah, we're moving to a relatively new building, and sound isolation is usually pretty good then. We already live in a terraced house, so in that sense it won't be so different 😁

We can't hear our neighbours through the wall, except when they are building something. In Norway there's a crazy obsession for terraces/deckings, so everyone go crazy during summer/spring 😅

@jkb je pense que c'est l'heure d'aller faire ""sauter"" leur compteur

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