Tesla is once again hiking the price of the "full self-driving" feature (that does not provide full self-driving yet, of course), because "when it's done" it will be worth "much more". It was supposed to be done "in 2020".

Meanwhile Tesla cars can follow (unfaded) lines and slow down to avoid rear-ending slower cars. These features are common in just about any robotics tutorials you'd expect 8-year-olds to complete in a single CoderDojo session.

This is a 12,000 USD option. Musk is a scammer.

The only thing you have to know about the current state of the so-called "autopilot" in Tesla cars is this : in the Las Vegas "hyperloop" (which is actually a tunnel for cars, because Musk Reality Distortion Field), where all cars run in a single lane in the same direction, they still are driven by humans.

That's the kind of trust Elon has in his own AI tech.


There is a slight problem when it comes to fully autonomous vehicles on public roads: we have absolutely no idea how to achieve that, it's in the realm of science-fiction because actual science hasn't come even close to such feats. No actual AI researcher would ever tell anyone to expect full self-driving cars in the coming decade.

Of course that doesn't prevent crooks from selling it.

In related news, do you want to buy my portable fusion reactor? It's not completely done, but it will be soon

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@jkb Rodney Brooks has some pretty good posts on its blog about the state of AI and of the features that were/are predicted. He's also a huge sceptic of full self driving cars.


@jkb there is a lesson to be learned here. A painful lesson. Not by some inane AI that is a glorified OLS algorithm but by the human collective:

We need mechanisms, persistent institutions, that survive the political cycle and which can bat the moles back into their holes rather than allowing them to expand into a vacuum of governance and common sense

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