Email from HR:

"The end of the year is approaching and we see that you still find yourself with a significant number of days off to take"


Oh. Wow. Indeed. Well, this will require a chat with the client as soon as possible…

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@jkb Our HR would probably be very happy to see that people aren't utilizing their days off.

@viv Sure, they'd rather see these days be billed

@viv But in this case I think they mostly want me to plan these leaves with the client ASAP so they won't get a nasty surprise mid-November in the shape of a "OK guys, see you in January" email

@jkb Haha, I can definitely see that happening. Some colleagues of mine pull off this trick in December too.

@jkb I always read these as “Our accounting department isn’t smart enough to not spend your allotted leave entitlements on something else so we want you to take that money off us.”

@futzle These are legal paid leaves anyway, I think it's more of a project planning issue than an accounting issue

@jkb @futzle accounting liability- the leave needs to be paid out upon employee departure and they really don’t like it building up

@zens @jkb Yeah, I get the accounting POV, but I maintain that leave liability is not the same as, say, a creditor that you need to pay. If the company is worried about it being on their books they should pay it into escrow as employees earn it. IMO.

@futzle @jkb a policy that respects employee rights without being legally forced to? seems a bit optimistic

@zens Also they don't like having to tell a client that a consultant won't be available for their mission for six weeks in a row

@jkb they probably can’t force you to take leave. just gently encourage

@zens @jkb That varies greatly by region and industry. No idea what the law is in .be but where I work in .au, you can be told by your employer not to come in if your annual accrual is more than 40 days.

@zens But anyway that’s not the point @jkb is making—it’s about continuity with clients—so I will shut up now.

@jkb hahaha merde, same ici, on pense JAMAIS a les poser et tous les and les RH grognent car on doit tout poser a l'arrache :')

@dashie Je peux les comprendre, ça le fait moyen vis-à-vis du client de dire "OK ben j'ai six semaines de congé à prendre et il reste douze semaines dans l'année donc…"

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