The year is 2021, and people still believe that medieval Europeans believed the Earth was flat

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@jkb They did believe the Sun went around the Earth which is equally ignorant, and "Europeans" there would probably exclude the Norse, Britons, Irish, Slavs, etc. who didn't have any Greek-based education until centuries later… "Medievals (before 1700-ish) were morons" is a good approximation for most purposes.

And it was utterly useless knowledge for everyone except dumbass Columbus who just thought the world was much smaller than Erastosthenes had calculated.

@mdhughes The heliocentric model was so far away and so shunned that Copernicus gave lectures about it in Rome, to the Pope. Of course that's a part of History we like to throw under the rug because of the modern "science vs religion" dichotomy, but then again the Vatican Observatory and the numerous universities are a reality.

@jkb Copernicus didn't publish, because the Church at that time wasn't especially friendly to it; it was used as a quicker calculation, though.

And later the Church did tie themselves to anti-science, pro-literalist readings of their fairy book, *burned* Giordano Bruno alive, and a century later hauled Galileo to the same court to make him repent or be burned.

The Vatican Observatory was a trap, you could make observations but only report them if they aligned with nonsense theology.

@mdhughes There is no consensus as to why Copernicus delayed publishing his work on heliocentrism, even when encouraged to do so by a frickin cardinal, but when he finally decided to do so he gave a manuscript to a frickin bishop and the book was finally printed just before his death. Copernicus died in 1543, the Roman Inquisition banned his work in 1616.

I'm wrong on one point, though: the Middle Ages were done by then, all this happened during the Renaissance.

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