Devs, 1 week ago: "I'm afraid we're gonna have to push this update to next weekend, it's not ready yet"
Player, this weekend, after asking a bunch where the update is and asking the devs to let him personally know if it's not going to be out this weekend because he'd rather know than 'be disappointed yet again': "im wondering if they abandoned the game???"

Fucking gamers


@welshpixie As an avid gamer and professionnal software developer I'm still wondering: how did we end up in this situation? I remember as a teenager we would quietly wait for MONTHS to get videogame updates, now it seems everyone wants to run the nightly builds, wants them to be 100% bug-free, wants them to occur nightly for the next ten years, and wouldn't pay more than the price of a hamburger meal to get all this

@jkb It's absurd. I think it's maybe connected to social media that builds on instant gratification and lowers tolerance for waiting for responses. You don't wait hours or days on a forum post for a reply any more; if you can't get an immediate reply from a dev on twitter, it's rampage time.

@welshpixie Maybe, but I don't see this kind of behaviour in common users of software, it seems to be specific to gamers

@jkb @welshpixie the behaviour might just manifest differently with gamers but the underlying mechanisms in people still change

I imagine the difference is that video games are a form of entertainment. People like to discuss books, movies, TV shows, sports etc..
And much like with sports, one of the things you can discuss about video games is the
latest news.

@jkb Also the game I'm talking about is in EA - I bought it two weeks back, and in the first week they were updating it every day, some days more than once a day, with bugfixes and little QoL improvements. And this little shit is stomping his foot because they're taking more than a week to work on a big content update. A *week*. >.>

@jkb @welshpixie As for me, the only two things stopping me from giving more money to the indie titles I play that I love are that I'm poor and some of them don't have places I could go to donate more after I've already got the game cheap for its value

@jkb @welshpixie It's also related to the binge TV watching habit. Not willing to wait a week between episodes and anticipate it's arrival! I just don't get it at all.

@jkb @welshpixie

As a teenager I'd order games from some mailorder ad which sent a pack of floppy discs full of shareware DOS games for €2.50, 80% of which were crap, broken or needed EGA graphics, which only rich kids had. Some were brilliant though and we played the shit out of them, used CGA emulators for our Hercules cards and fixed the bugs/copy protection with DEBUG.COM.

Now we're supposed to pay €50 for one game, buy DLC to get the rest of it and then it's boring, broken or both. Meh.

@yngmar @welshpixie To be fair there is a whole range of independent game developers who release droves of very creative and very well done games for prices that are usually below 30€. Not everyone is Electronic Arts or Ubisoft

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