Oh there's a new pinned application icon in my Windows task bar, that I didn't add myself, what is it?

"Microsoft Edge"

Guys, stop trying. This is embarassing

@jkb Didn’t you also get an annoying tour through the new Edge after restart?

@frumble Nope, maybe they're saving it for a future restart, who knows. Don't spoil the surprise!

@jkb they are really desperate to get you to switch to Linux

@schratze I'm running Windows only for video games, this is not a general-purpose PC, it's a gaming console with a keyboard and mouse.

The rest of my personal computer usage happens on a ten years old ThinkPad, running Linux

@Alonealastalovedalongthe I guess they won't indeed, as they keep trying even after this whole Internet Explorer thing

@jkb I respected them more when they were maintaining a separate web browser, at least it felt like a threat to chrome even if it still sucked

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