Remember that time before this constant whirlwind of attention-grabbing we have to endure? When people took the time to actually get complete and accurate information instead of building an entire worldview on tightly-cropped screenshots of clickbait headlines?

That was neat

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Or more accurately, the time when people got the information approved by the people who owned the distribution channel, plus whatever bullshit they were told by some guy at the pub, and crafted that into whatever self-serving "facts" they needed to justify their emotions, because people already sucked before the internet came along to make it extra-obvious.

@machado There was quite a shift in sheer quantity in the last 20 years. I think the root cause is the use if ads as the main source of income for online medias, this lead to a race to be the first to publish *something* about anything that happens anywhere. You don't have time to write in details or even check anything in this race, and then it gets reduced even more through partial sharing

I'm not condemning or even judging here, merely pointing out how hard and tedious it is

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