Space Engineers 

So basically I have this survival-mode game which is fully vanilla save for a couple mods to make the nights darker. Animals are on, meteor storms are on, day/night cycle is set to the maximum 24h.

I started with a drop pod on the Earth-like planet and my goal is to do a grand tour of every planet and build a base on each of them that I can use to refuel and carry on.

I'm in no rush, I just want things to be interesting. Today is day 5 (I'm not in space yet), so ~120 hours in

Space Engineers 

I really wanted to have a large hanger fully built before nightfall, so I can stay inside during the night and build a ship that will take me to space. And I did it!

For scale: the large door on the front is 10 meters high and 20 meters wide. The hangar goes into the mountain, it's laid out to provide an unobstructed 30m × 30m workspace.

A similarly large landing pad is already built on the other side of the base

Space Engineers 

Because meteor showers are enabled, I have several gun turrets around the base set to 800m targeting distance, they don't target characters to avoid wasting ammunition on the occasional wolves.

For the same reason, the vital parts are built underground behind the main building, in the mountain: refineries, assembler, power generator and batteries, cargo storage, hydrogen storage, and oxygen processing.

I'm trying to balance form and function, with a *slight* lean towards form

Space Engineers 

This is the general layout of this base.

From left to right: large hangar, main building with living quarters and stuff (remember, form over function), small hangar for one ground vehicle, landing pad for ships, and a tower with 8 wind turbines.

Not visible: the underground technical section which is behind and below the main building, and a tunnel between the large hangar and the technical section.

All this is hand-built for hand-mined ores, I don't have any mining vehicle yet


Space Engineers 

Inside the newly built large hangar. There are four connectors, two are flush to the floor and two are wall-mounted on hinges so their height and angle can be easily changed. There's also a small cargo container for easy access tot he cargo network and a collector because why not.

A tunnel leads to the technical section and the main building of the base, this allows me to go full mole-person during the night (remember the gun turrets outside are there for meteors, not wolves)

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Space Engineers 

I tried to stick to an industrial and rough feel for the technical section. It contains two refineries with yield modules, an assembler with speed and efficiency modules, an hydrogen power generator and its battery array, four large cargo containers, and twenty large hydrogen tanks.

This whole base is build on an ice lake because I want to easily be able to get and store large quantities of hydrogen for space-faring ships

Space Engineers 

There are several entrances to the main building, the main one on the ground floor has easy access to the cargo network and to a medical bay. This is extremely convenient.

Another entrance on the side of the building leads directly to the second floor, where cargo access and another medical bay are also in easy reach.

I haven't yet written the code that will put status information on the screens on that floor. I also want to be able to control stuff from there, some day.

Space Engineers 

Then you have the third and fourth floors, that are completely form-over-function. The third floor has a dining hall and a lounge area, four beds are built on mezzanines.

I'm very happy with how these huge windows turned out. Because this building is built against the cliff it has no direct sunlight for half of the day, so I needed large windows to compensate. When the sun shines on them it looks amazing.

I will definitely do more of these in other bases.

Space Engineers 

And then inside the small hangar there's this little truck that's way more useful than it looks.

Also: hooray for hinges that make it easier to have base connectors are the correct height without having to design vehicles around their connector.

All these hand-mined ores? They were carried in this good boy.

Space Engineers 

All this is not where my drop pod hit the ground.

I still have a minimal base that is built there and where I got started so I could look around for a suitable spot for a proper base, and refine enough metals to start building it. When I decided on a spot I carried all ingots and building materials I had using a truck. That was quite the experience.

But that's enough screenshot spam for now, I think

Space Engineers 

We survived Friday the 13th, so here is a very Friday the 13th shot

Space Engineers 

Finished building this transport aircraft just in time for daybreak. Now I can pay a visit to the NPC station that's 25 km away from my base, despite the mountainous terrain it's in. Time to get some business done.

Space Engineers 

During the night I also built and tested an ice scraping rover. It is based on the layout and chassis of the transport truck I showed earlier, but made as long as possible while still fitting in the small hangar. Two drills are mounted on articulated arms that can fold backward and slightly down so they will drill only the very top of the ice.

Deploy, activate, slowly drive forward, come back to base with 200 tons of ice. Neat!

Space Engineers 

This mountain peak is conveniently located 49.8 km from my main base, roughly in the direction of the Moon. That makes it an ideal candidate for a radio relay station.

The atmosphere here is already thin enough to affect thrusters, at one point I had to drop some building materials at a lower altitude before I could climb again.

It has two large batteries, two solar panels, four wind turbines, and four gatling turrets to shoot down meteors.

Space Engineers 

Another night mostly spent inside the large hangar. I love that all vehicles I have can be safe indoors at once and I still have enough space to comfortably work on new stuff.

Say hello to my new planetary drill ship, and more importantly to a hydrogen-powered shuttle that will bring me to space. It has enough tanks and cargo space to bring along a decent amount of extra fuel and building materials on each trip.

Next steps : prospect asteroids for uranium and platinum.

Space Engineers 

Liftoff! It took only 10% of the hydrogen fuel tanks to get to orbit, where I built a radio relay satellite. I still have to find some platinum, but I found a uranium deposit and will come back with five tons of uranium ore.

Space Engineers 

Back from space with uranium and platinum, this was a successful mission and the shuttle has proven to be quite capable. It should handle well even in high gravity, which is very handy.

Space Engineers 

@jkb wow! How long do you need to play to get to that point?

Space Engineers 

@Sibbo According to Steam I have been playing Space Engineers for a total of 539 hours but my play style is quite slow and I have a tendency to spend a lot of time making sure things look good instead of settling for purely functional designs.

Space Engineers 

@jkb nice. Yeah I was wondering, because things look really involved. I like it!

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