My experience of the pandemic so far:
- first five months in full remote work: no problem at all
- a month of partial office work: results are in, I'm infected



Be careful, people. It's still out there. Ask a doctor at the slighted hint, get tested as soon as you can. Only early testing and quarantine can stop this, and there are weakened people who count on us all to stay alive

COVID19, gaming 

Recovering nicely, I 'm getting as much rest as I can and taking advantage of my sick leave to get back into my Space Engineers survival game.

Personal tip to make in-game night interesting: install the Apothilight and Realistic Skybox mods and push the day/night cycle duration to 24h. Now you have long nights that are properly dark, do you have enough lighting set up? Are you sure you have enough battery power to compensate for these long periods without any solar energy?

re: COVID19 

@dashie I am currently *a bit* angry. The good thing is I didn't get into contact with anyone outside the office, so my contribution to the spreading is limited and these people can easily be warned


@jkb Oh, shit. I hope you recover quickly and soon.


@gedvondur Thanks, I too hope that it won't last long. These symptoms are not funny at all

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