Stop mirroring your Twitter account to the fediverse, especially these retweets of a single picture without any caption or comment.

We used to say the Web had shrunk to four websites where people posted only screenshots from the other three, let's not add a fifth one to that dumpster fire.

@jkb Indeed. I've never been a twit user and I will never, ever click on a link that leads there. ditto for fb.

@gemlog A couple minutes ago I came across one of these mirror accounts, the bio simply said something like "I'm on Twitter, got here if you want to talk to me".

The audacity.

@jkb First, that absolutely true and disgustingly arrogante for them to say that.
Second, it's a great piece of sound editing s/w! :-)

@jkb totally agree. this is evil and inconsiderate. twitter is for-profit, commercial and proprietary, funded by governments and private organizations; most mastodon instances are shared, single-user-financed, non-profit, federated with others of the same. wasting the resources of the financially strapped is a crime. it is stealing and slavery. stealing from the hardworking struggler to give to the rich. #mymouthfull @gemlog

@nergal @gemlog I was thinking in terms of content quality and signal/noise ratio, but the resource waste is an interesting point of view

@InternetKevin Good thing I have notifications turned off except for mentions, that sure blew up way more than I could have expected

@jkb haha was wondering if that's aimed at me or the other way round. would love to see #rss feed support so every time I upload a #track to #soundcloud the link appears in @Mastodon

@Goldmaster @Mastodon This is not at all aimed at you, in fact it's not aimed at anyone in particular

@jkb I agree with you it is stupid to see that on here. Left Twitter behind because it became too spamming, extremist, political misinformation. Also all the privacy and security concerns.

@jkb I actually don't agree with this purely for the reason that making Mastodon seem like a viable Twitter replacement without asking users to also drop all of their tweets, content, followers, etc makes Mastodon more likely to succeed as a mainstream project rather than a relatively fringe one.

@jkb Like, if there was a Twitter ToS compliant way of having Twitter act like a separate Mastodon 'universe', that would be great IMO

@aredherring Posting the same content on multiple places is fine, it's automatic mirroring that irks me because it has basically no value unless you follow the link and go to Twitter

@jkb Makes sense. As mentioned, I wish it was a bit more natural than just a mirror - something like a Twitter mastodon instance, where you could interact with Twitter LIKE it was Mastodon. Then it would become Just Another Content Hub.

Of course, this would eat into Twitters ad revenue so it'll never happen, but a man can dream

@jkb @aredherring Not sure I follow -- why would automatic vs manual mirroring matter?

I use a auto-mirror service (, and the posts are generally full of the same content I'd post on twitter.

AFAIK the only time there's a link to twitter is if the twitter post has a link to a twitter url (Including quote-replies) or plain retweets (which include the content, as well as the URL for the retweeted source).

@atrus Manual cross-posting means you select the content you want to share elsewhere, and you may add a bit of effort on top of that (captioning pictures or adding content warnings). Automatic mirroring is indiscriminate and will happily copy everything regardless of relevance.

My complaint was triggered by a toot that was a simple "RT some @ Twitter", including a single image, uncaptioned, uncommented, vague in context, with a broken link as the original tweet was deleted in the meantime.

@jkb other then the broken link due to deletion -- the original was probably just as vague and confusing. That sounds like the system working as designed.

That does make me wonder if cross-post tools need a way to detect and react to deletion though.

(blaugh, sorry about the re-writes, mobile typing)

@atrus As someone suggested in the replies: the ideal would be an actual gateway between Twitter and the fediverse, something that would allow an actual interaction instead of having only a snapshot copy of some content. It's extremely unlikely this will ever happen, though.

@jkb What's the problem with mirroring?
I am quite happy to find some content here, that otherwise I could not find here

@KitKat Cross-posting is fine, automatic mirroring is not because it grabs things out of context and many of them are Twitter-specific.

I was complaining because of a retweet of a picture from a locked Twitter account, no context was provided nor could be found.

As someone pointed out it would be nice if Twitter provided a proper gateway to the Fediverse that would allow actual interaction instead of just getting a copy. It's quite unlikely that this will ever happen, though.

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