I'm a programmer and that last line is both weird and scary.

@pilum What I love the most with the Windows update process is that after these several reboots you will have to log in before one last update step. You can't even start the process and walk away.

@jkb I'm increasingly convinced that MS has none of their top engineers working on the OS anymore, and that it's all being done by low-paid junior devs.

The kind of banal errors you see them releasing fixes for sometimes is baffling to me.

@pilum Even if they did have all their top engineers on the task, the sheer size of Windows makes it virtually impossible to do a good job:

@jkb You never saw the "Could not detect keyboard. Please press any key to continue." message? That one drove me crazy 15 or so years ago. Like what key am I supposed to press, when no keyboard is detected? :flan_set_fire:

I even remember the message "Keyboard is missing" after which the system refused to continue booting at all. Sort of "What are you intending to do with your computer without a keyboard, weirdo?" 😃

The PC will also heat up to dangerous levels.

Also please ignore the strange noises that may sound reminiscent of human screams.

@john I gave up trying to understand the fan spinning patterns of this machine. It spins UP when I lock my screen, sometimes it spins up seemingly randomly when I've been away from keyboard a couple minutes. Things happen, I don't know what they are or why they do.

@Shufei The how seem kind of obvious to me: there must be some way of hooking a script into the boot process so something runs right on boot and does its updating stuff.

What really bothers me is WHY. Why would a software update require *several* reboots (and it actually did reboot several times). What's wrong with writing files and then rebooting to load them into the OS core? Why does this have to be a several-steps process?

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