Ah yes CodeSpeedy I trust you to provide the world with some high-quality software.

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@jkb why anyone would pay for the result of "qr code html js example" on google is beyond me

@CobaltVelvet I too wondered why would anyone do such thing, and then I discovered the wonderful world of Enterprise Software.

@CobaltVelvet Joke aside, usually Enterprise Software (and services) is the result of a web search BUT it comes with warranty and a support contract. That part is important when you're dealing with business-critical stuff.

@jkb ye do they sell that aside or is it included in the $9. i mean how much support can there be for $9

@CobaltVelvet Honestly I think this particular shop targets web contractors that eek out a living out of Rent-a-coder and similar horrible marketplaces, so I don't expect any support but hey maybe these snippets come with a bit of documentation and actually work out of the box.

@jkb i like their cookie disclaimer thing

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