What's the deal with Gordon Ramsay? Dude saturates everything with salt, pepper, and oil or butter. Every time he shows a regional dish the comments are full of people from that region saying he got it all wrong. And don't even aky for any measurement, which may be a good thing in this world where "a tiny bit of pepper" means fifteen to twenty turns of the pepper mill.

@jkb I lost all respect for him when I saw a clip where he was served squeeky cheese with cloudberries and he spit it out with disgusted face. I get that people have different tastes, but you still should show respect for food that has been prepared and served for you.

@jkb yeah, probably took his fictional "chef who is angry about bad food" character a bit far there. If cameras hadn't been rolling, he might have just eaten it and said "not my thing really, but thanks for letting me try it".

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