@sohkamyung Surely a nice touch would be not building such telemetry and invasive features to begin with. And not taking hundreds of millions of dollars every year from Google and not being entirely funded by surveillance capitalists.

@aral @sohkamyung@mstdn.io I don't really understand how an opt-in feature can be considered invasive.

@jkb @sohkamyung Can you point me to where it states that telemetry and studies are opt-in? In my experience, they are enabled by default and you have to opt-out. There are some opt-in studies but the feature itself afaik is opt-out. Happy to be proven wrong if something has changed or if I missed something.


@aral @sohkamyung@mstdn.io Indeed I was mislead into thinking it was an opt-in feature by the report saying that some users had to enable it. You are right, telemetry is enabled by default: mozilla.org/en-US/privacy/fire

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