- The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer
- Hooray for capitalism
- Well communism is no better
- Vietnam and Laos have a better Gini index than the US
- Meh

Pretty much any conversation on that topic.

And Cuba? Or most former sovjet states? North Korea? China?

@Augur Cuba's gini index is just below the US', so better. It's also the 10th best human development index in the North America + Caribbean region.

China practices state capitalism and has gone away from the communist ideal, income and development disparity is abysmal. Basically in China you want to live on the coast, not inland.

North Korea is a dictatorship, not a communism, and has been for generations. Power is hereditary. You may want to compare it to Saudi Arabia instead.

@Augur Former soviet states are too numerous and diverse to draw any conclusion, they haven't evolved in the same way or at the same rate since the fall of the USSR; it can also be argued that from Stalin onward the USSR wasn't communist anymore.

Well. Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland are right next door to my country, and let me tell you, communism bled them dry. After the UdSSR had finally fallen, they began to recoup.

@Augur On the other hand you may want to compare income inequality over time in free-market countries such as the US or Canada, versus socialist countries like Denmark or Norway.

Capitalism increases income and wealth disparity by design, if you want a capitalist economy you have to curb it with wealth-redistribution mechanisms. European countries do this to various extents and with various levels of success.

Conflating socialism and communism, are we?
Let's face it. Communism doesn't work. Great on paper. Garbage in reality.

@Augur Communism is basically hardcore socialism, but my point was to point examples of unbridled capitalism vs the safety net of socialism. It's not really fair to accuse me of conflating unrelated things while you conflate the USSR and communism, but as I implied in the original post that's what I expect from pretty much any conversation on that topic.

Most countries have suffered under communism. Socialism is great. Both in theory as well as in practice. Communism only in theory.

@Augur As mentioned above, Laos and Vietnam are doing good under a one-party government, but then again they weren't involved in the great shitshow that was the Cold War. Time will tell, for the time being I'm happy to live in a rather socialist country instead of free-market America.

@Augur And to be totally honest, I'm not as much a supporter of communism as I am an opponent of unbridled capitalism. I see communism as an ideal that's very difficult to put into practice, which is why I'm really curious as to what the future holds fort Vietnam and Laos.

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