Watching a Cities: Skylines let's play video.

"So now we have a very nice and interesting interchange but..." yes, 25 minutes into building this spaghetti abomination you finally realise it only connects to one side of the highway. Whoopsie.

No sir there's no ramp that would put you on the highway on the westbound side, why would anybody want to travel west anyway? Who are you, a member of Pet Shop Boys?

@wxcafe There's a strange obsession with overcomplicated highway interchanges in the Cities: Skylines community, and oftentimes it gets so complex you don't really know what's going on. Whatever happened to KISS.

@wxcafe I'm in the process of redesigning the public transit network for my city, but so far my cims happily walk and bike to work. Most of the traffic is industrial/commercial traffic, not private cars. Bro tip: pedestrian/bike pathways EVERYWHERE.

(let's play videos with french comments, for those interested: )

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