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Jean-Karim Bockstael

Can't remember where and when I got the link for this piece, so here it is without a "via" : "You fired your top talent. I hope you’re happy" by Tony Robinson

vim tip: you can use vimdiff to compare gzip files and non-gzipped ones.

Hello octonauts! A couple months ago I switched to a vertical mouse [1] because of early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, and it's awesome how this simple change helped. Now I'm considering getting a mouse pad with wrist support. Any recommendation?

[1] The mouse I'm using, for those of you who are curious:

You, an intellectual: mixing vinyl records is the best
Me, an imbecile: omagawd 80 tracks an hour!

[dnb, neurofunk]

#programming a cool post about sorting algorithm visually illustrated

This one is the bubble sort (on of the less efficient) :

I know this is a long shot, but do you think that after 2012 things got really weird?

I think I know the answer.

It was the fucking Mayans and their end of the world stuff.

The world did end and now we're living in a new timeline.

Fucking Mayans.

Jokes about communism are only funny if everyone gets them.

Ten years from now Dead Limit will be what Mr Happy is right now, a classic anthem.

My Nu Leng festival set in , Parklife 2017 // // // UK // 2017 // Just recently discovered these guys when they played at Hospitality in the Park, turns out they can drop house, grime, dnb, jungle and more in one mix and that's amazing.

Best advice I've ever been given when programming:

make it work, then make it work fast.

Mastodon isn't immune to this, but as pointed out by @darius its economic model tends toward better outcomes. Virality and outrage are rewarded on Twitter/Facebook/etc because it keeps you hooked to the screen, which is what advertisers want.

Mastodon doesn't care how many hours you use it. It doesn't need an algorithmic timeline to try to keep you hooked. You can use Mastodon for 5 minutes per day and as long as it brings value to your life, that's great.