Always remember:

People who have been able to enjoy the entire pie for years will see being asked for a slice as oppression.

"try it on a different web browser" is the web app equivalent of "you're using mac? oh, trying using the windows version"

If Donald Knuth started a conference on innovations in typesetting, he could invite people to give...

( •_•)>⌐■-■

... TᴱX talks.

I am so sorry

Read this. This article pretty summarizes what I see every day. And when I criticize it, half of the audience doesn't understand my point. They are simply to young and grew up with smart phones and fast lines.

"Software disenchantment": via

Saw somebody call a hedgehog an "ouch mouse" yesterday and I think it's great

boost if u are are impressed that Bear found the perfect resting place for his tiny little nose

It's time for one of my all time favorite memes again

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The Skyrim OST vinyl by iam8bit is a work of art.

In which xkcd mentions Mastodon. And Linkedin. In the same comic.

this is a picture of Betty Jean Jennings (left) and Fran Bilas in front of the ENIAC computer.

alongside a team of four other women, they invented such minor programming concepts as "subroutines" and "recursive nesting"

(LAYPERSON'S NOTE: this is sarcasm. these techniques are fundamental to programming.)

this is Betty Holberton. she invented the concept of breakpoints for debugging. ever heard of her? you probably haven't, because our field sucks ass and constantly erases its own history.

femdom: wanting to be dominated by a female

wisdom: wanting to be dominated by a wizard

if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

The recursive centaur: half horse, half recursive centaur

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