Daily meetings don't happen on Fridays, or so it seems.

Krashkee - The Berghain Project // youtube.com/watch?v=_Pc9xFlZf_ // neat mix of Berlin-worthy techno // 2013

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I saw this so you all have to see it now. My condolences.

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Agnes Kasparkova, 90-Year-Old Czech former agricultural worker who is turning her small village into an art gallery by hand-painting traditional Moravian motifs on the local houses and buildings, now in the project's 13th year #womensart t.co/ud78DxKOiy

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Even as those who oppose reparations argue it is unfeasible or too costly, one British university is proving that it is both possible and necessary to make amends for the enslavement and genocide of African people. bit.ly/2V0Yb6g

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When #ActivityPub 1.0 was released, I hoped that the whole federated social would be able to inter-operate by about now. Sadly, a year later, this is not the case. Some older projects are still stuck on #OStatus, the core #Diaspora developers steadfastly refuse to even attempt inter-operation, and the #Zot developer has now abanded it too. So, essentially #XKCD 927 happened and we are more fragmented that we were before :(

Amelie Lens - All nighter @ Labyrinth Club, 2016 // youtube.com/watch?v=nBmyHvOGHa // techno // Belgium // 2016

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"Thousands of people live in RVs across San Francisco and the broader Bay Area because they can’t afford to rent”

"The median rent in Mountain View almost doubled since late 2010 to $4,151 a month. That’s nearly triple the national average”


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There's a new DLC for Cities: Skylines and you know what that means. Heavy discount on everything else!

Base game -75%, Industries -20%, previous DLCs -50%, radios up to -75%.


Remember last week when they said there were some top priority changes incoming to comply with "new laws" that were voted back in October? Apparently this was so high priority that the actual tasks were created only today.

There's a total of five workdays left before the legal deadline, and the backend is not ready yet.

In this team the convention for code identation is: three spaces.


Amelie Lens - Live at Awakenings Festival 2018 // youtube.com/watch?v=6dYo4mCDnZ // techno // Belgium // 2018

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Periodic reminder that the Myers-Briggs personality test is *not* an academically-sound or peer-reviewed psychological evaluation of any kind. It is a commercialized psychological astrology reading.
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Chatted with @Vyllibh and @54ward about some BW photos earlier and it made me wanted post a couple of mine.

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