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Jean-Karim Bockstael @jkb

#nowplaying Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize (live) // // #progressiveRock // UK // 2009 // Progressive rock for metalheads, progressive metal for rock fans.

@CobaltVelvet Yes it is, but trust it gets better. And it's worth it (if only for the drugs and the sex and the gifs of kittens).

#nowplaying London Elektricity (21 Years Of Hospital Set) @ Hospitality In The Dock // // #drumnbass // UK // 2017

@spoken Après on s'attaquera aux Watts en audio. À bas les unités peu parlantes qu'on peut trop facilement faire mentir !

#nowplaying Charlotte de Witte - Live at DJ Mag April 2017 // // #techno // Belgium // 2017

#work What better way to start the day than to go and review the categories and tags on several month-old tickets that could use more details in their descriptions and comments? Be thorough in your bug reports and tracking, your future selves will thank you.

@jvdh Je vais être plus assidu sur les posts #nowplaying, ça devrait réveiller des souvenirs.

@jvdh Au Pukkelpop, j'étais un peu trop jeune pour tout ça mais Eels faisait partie des noms que j'avais entouré sur le programme (ça et Bloodhound Gang, Veruca Salt, Bush, et METALLICA FUCK YEAH BRING IT ON)

@jvdh Et là je mesure que je l'ai vu live en 1997. Vingt ans. Bordel.

TBH they should just remaster actual Morrowind

according to my really smart theory of horseshoes, pacifist has most of the same letters as fascist, essentially meaning they have more in common than different,

#nowplaying Eels - Beautiful Freak // // #indie #alternative #rock // USA // 1996 // Can't believe this one has been out for more than twenty years.

@Siphonay Aren't you assuming the action takes place at the same latitude you're at?

#nowplaying Merkstave - Lament for Lost Gods pt. 1 // // #funeralDoom #doom #metal // USA // 2013 // First track of the only release of this now-defunct project.

@KingArmand Ouais tu me connais, mon chignon c'est pas un manbun.