Ew, there's a Ben Garrison cartoon in my feed. Gross

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I'm sorry to announce you a bad news, depending on your SSD technology you might listen to BAD SOUND QUALITY.
your digital 0 and 1 are probably not 0 and 1 enough.

You should invest in this gem to get the B E S T audio quality:
- 1TB 3D NAND flash in pseudo SLC mode = 333GB
- 200% more PCB copper isolation
- milspec PCB stiffness
- 300% grounding surface

only ~$700 :ablobjoy:
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2021: scammers are copying websites from well-known news outlets and buying Facebook advertising space. Don't say victims are dumb, this is pretty convincing.


Waiting for IT to let me install some proprietary library so I can run a provider's proprietary configuration tool for their hardware, and make some progress.

My manager temporarily took project management duties away from me so I can focus on the technical side. This is good, but it also means I currently can't do anything except fiddling my thumbs.

This is why you charge by day, not by task.

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If you're building terminal programs, remember that curses does not work well at all with screen readers and braille terminals. Have a plain print-and-type mode if that's possible.

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Analysis of 6.1 million trades of 4.7 million NFTs shows that the top 10% of traders have traded 97% of NFTs which definitely puts meat on the bones of the hypothesis that a lot of NFT trades are wash sales intended to artificially boost prices. nature.com/articles/s41598-021

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Today it’s the 50th anniversary of Project Gutenberg.

If you’re unfamiliar with it: it’s a vast collection of freely available ebooks.


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Had two business calls this morning, which would be mundane on a regular Monday, but I am on sick leave and the people calling me know it.


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covid omicron, transcript of the above 

Image is screenshot of a post, transcript follows.

Graeme Codrington
Speaker, Expert on the Future of Work at TomorrowToday Global
3 days ago

Once again the world's media is reporting: "South Africa has a new Covid variant" as if the variant started here and is infecting us all.

CAN I SAY THIS AGAIN, MORE LOUDLY FOR THE IDIOT JOURNALISTS AT THE BACK: South Africa has one of the most sophisticated and advanced infectious diseases infrastructure on the planet. Some of the world's leading epidemiologists work in South Africa. We've had to develop these capabilities to deal with TB and AIDS and other diseases ravaging our continent.

It is no surprise that our medical system is the first in the world to identify new Covid variants. It is no surprise that we led the world in clinical trials of vaccines.

What IS a surprise is how lazy journalists write headlines: "New Covid variant in South Africa". No, this new Covid variant has been found in New Zealand, England, Brazil, France, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and other places. South African scientists isolated, sequenced and understood it first. Report THAT fact, but don't start all over again with putting "South Africa is unsafe" into people's heads.

End transcript.

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The existence of "markdown" implies the existence of

- matthewup
- lukeleft
- johnright

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The Tiger
By Nael, age 6

The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out

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I'm releasing an NFT of my entire discography, via bandcamp for £4.

There will be many of these minted and they will be tracked via bandcamp's ledger.

Comes with three Christmas albums, my MA thesis and my UG thesis.

Also they're fungible.


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There's a fine line between shitposting and just being shitty

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Hey classics nerds. A friend pointed out that "power dynamic" is a bit redundant since "dynamic" comes from Attic δύναμις, which means power. A couple of us promptly nerded out about how not really thanks to the difference between δύναμις and ἐξουσία, but it raised the question: What vocabulary did Greeks in classical antiquity use to talk about differences in power and their impact on social relations? Like, could there be an Attic translation of what we mean in sociology by "power dynamic?"

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having big tool tips and thumbnails pop up on hover is an accessibility problem, besides being a nuisance.

i'm visually impaired. i make heavy use of screen magnifiers to use computers effectively. every time a pop up i don't want to see pops up, it completely obscures what i actually want to see, because i am zoomed way in.

there are so many of these, in so many different apps, that finding all the settings and changing them is arduous.

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