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Jean-Karim Bockstael

"Hand out your troubles, give me your pain
I'll plant them next to the thorns in my veins
Tie your limbs to my crippled life
Hang on, I'll carry you around"

popular german holocaust denier, politician of the german party #AfD Hoecke got just gifted a monument.

A monument of shame and remembrance.
Why? Because he needs it the most.

#antifa #directaction made by 'political beauty' who are

- renting a house direct next to him
- creating an network infiltrating, observing and taking actions against the far-right. As known from #NSU process the state infiltrated those networks too, but to protect and support.

Oathbreaker will be playing the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels December 20, there are still tickets to grab.

This week in “Why Silicon Valley needs to get burnt to a cinder”:

Uber gets personal data (that they collected from users) stolen. Instead of revealing the hack, they bribed the hackers to delete the data and shut up. All because it was already in hot water with U.S. regulators about privacy violations at the time

1. Join Mastodon, follow uber geeks.
2. Read posts about federation protocols, Gopher, retro computing, and anime.
3. Question everything.

2,000 year old Egyptian D20 with Greek symbols. In storage at the MET in NYC #dnd

High Contrast - Days Go By // // // UK // 2005 // Contains tasty bits of Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen"

Nous devons peut-être opérer un changement progressif de mentalité du côté de nos exigences en termes d'outils numériques libres.

Gavés que nous sommes par le bric-à-brac high-tech tellement cool et si complaisamment fourni par les gafam, nous exigeons les mêmes facilités des outils libres.

C'est comme si nous exigions que les fruits bio soient d'un aussi bel aspect et aussi bon marché que ceux de l'agriculture industrielle.

Posons-nous des questions sur notre surconsommation numérique.

I love it how capitalists are prophets of the "delayed gratification" religion when it comes to paying decent wages, but when it's time to pay taxes (that will in time pay or their pension, medical bills etc.) they suddenly don't feel very inclined to delaying their gratification and proceed to hide billions in off-shore banks. Just adorable.