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Jean-Karim Bockstael @jkb

@mcimasz I still have to decide whether I feel amused or depressed after reading this, but thank you anyway. Seriously, software can't be engineering when it's a hype-driven pedal-to-the-metal churn-fest.

Hype Driven Development, by Marek Kirejczyk. Who's a software developer and can *not* related to this? I thought so.

(via @mcimasz)

@SteveJohnson Tom Sietas would think otherwise.

@pakal Tu dis ça mais t'as même pas ton gilet fluo du GRACQ ou une boussolle sur ton Brompton électrique. T'es pas un cycliste, et je m'y connais en cyclistes !

@pakal Enfin racheter du Prozac ! Oh yeah !

@thaega Non, et comme ça n'a jamais dépassé le stade du kit de dev ça n'a jamais existé en fait.

#nowplaying Massive Attack - Mezzanine // // Massive Attack each day keeps depression away.

@pakal Les racistes nationalistes émigrés, ce concept.

@Elizafox In the meantime it has stopped being the new shiny toy cool kids talk about, and is becoming robust and reliable instead. I'm fine with that change, as someone who writes PHP for a living.

@LimbClock It depends on the second round result, either we are fucked or only they are.

All value comes from labour.

Productive labour:
Farming, factory work, extracting natural resources, scientific research, creating art etc

Non-productive labour (maintenance):
Nursing, domestic labour, caring for others, cleaning, education, performing songs, maintaining systems such as computer networks and electrical grid etc

^Both create and maintain a world for humans in a concrete way.

Not labour:
Investment banking, profit from interest, accumulation of capital etc

^Contribute nothing

I just got word that the MP3 format is practically royalty-free, when the last (known and not extended) patent expired on April 16th. We could have interesting developments in the coming months.

Just for your information:

The bomb attack on the german soccer team (where there they found letters with islamists taking the responsibility for it) was committed by someone short-selling stock options for that soccer club. The guy has just been arrested....

The shooting in Paris is probably not different. Instead of dragging down the stock options of a club, the extremists just want to boost the election chances of their fellow extremist.

This is an example of a revolutionary new document
format called "Plain Text". Some of the features of this format are:

* supported by every editor!
* requires no internet connection!
* editable on any device, from your phone to your TV!
* simple to backup and restore!
* compare documents with "diff"!
* search documents with "grep"!
* can be modified programaticaly using "sed" and "awk"!
* Plain-text supports every version control system out there!

Try plain-text today!

@Antanicus "Overthrow capitalism and then throw me on a bed" maybe?