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Jean-Karim Bockstael @jkb

Alex Torres & His Latin Orchestra - La Rumba No Canto Más // // // USA // 2010

@m8t Ça implique de l'avoir appris un jour. Nano tu peux mettre un total newbie devant et il s'en sort.

@m8t Du fait que nano a la navigation aux flèches par défaut, un seul mode, et un rappel des commandes principales constamment affiché ?

My new mouse just got delivered, a vertical one to help relieve the early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome I've experienced these past few weeks. It's... weird, but also weirdly comfortable. I have that feeling that in a few months regular mice will feel ankward and unnatural and wonder why it took me so long to switch to a vertical one.

@jd This is why good opsec is critical. The clothes worn to protests should be non-descript black clothing free of logos or graphics and generic bandanas should be used and all of this stuff should be used only at protests and not worn outside of street confrontation. 4chan has been at this a while now. Honestly I think it would be a great project to troll them in this way by setting up fake profiles and intentionally wasting their time in such endeavors.

Woods of Desolation - Torn Beyonbd Reason // // // Australia // 2011 // This may be my all-time favorite black metal album

@Siphonay Nope, Audi is owned by the Volkswagen Group, BMW is a group by itself and owns Mini and Rolls-Royce (the luxury cars, not the airplanes engines).

@Siphonay Don't get me started on BMW and Audi!

L'auteur de cURL et libcurl (qu'on a tous utilisé si On dev), refusé aux USA. Aucune explication.

Valls quitte le PS. LOL, c'est comme le mec que tu ramasses en boîte, vous passez une nuit ensemble, ça se passe moyennement bien, puis des mois plus tard, il t'envoie un texto pour te dire qu'il te quitte.

"Older dads have geeky sons, study says" and "Woman finds frog in salad" is headline news these days.

Had anyone tried turning journalism off and then back on again?