Tonight was all about black metal that lets itself be influenced. First the doomy black metal of Bockreiter (Liège, Belgium), then the jazzy black metal of White Ward (Odessa, Ukraine)

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Hi! Good Morning (or evening, or afternoon, or whatever is appropriate for your particular geography and mental state)

I'm looking for advice, tips, tutorials, and starting points for customizing my OBS experience, and polishing my presentation.

I can think of a few ways to implement things like lower thirds, a live display of a hashtag chat room, and easy to trigger events, but it's likely there are better ways!

Do you have any resources for beginners?

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Remember the refrain: „There is no data, only software at rest“. NFTs are essentially a weird form of linking to content and - surprise - that content can be malware, stealing your fantasy coins. Via

Oh boy that felt good. First live show since 2019, old school hardcore because fuck yeah

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So please, don't give me this "the war about the word #hacker is lost" bullshit. It's not. We just keep surrendering and undermining our own position.

So, stop using the word "hacker" to mean "cybercriminal". Stop using the word "hack" to mean "breach" or "compromise".

There are better words.

Like "cybercriminal", "breach", "compromise".

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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I'd like to remind you all that while Firefox may not be great, Chrome is a lot worse and telling people not to use Firefox is just going to push most of them back to Chrome. Demanding that people go "all the way" and rejecting incremental steps is pretty high on the list of reasons why free/libre/open/non-megacorp software isn't more popular.

Who are the most insufferable doofus?

Cryptobros in my mentions: don't waste your time. You won't convert me to your funny Internet tokens cult, the "correct" estimates you provide as refutation are still horrendous, no matter how you look at it you can't hide these simple facts:

- Blockchains are not suitable for financial transactions.

- Coins are not currency, they are commodities.

- Banks are not going anywhere.

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White Ward - Love Exchange Failure // // avant-garde black metal with jazz elements // Ukraine // 2019

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also: bring back amber screen, they are the cutest

It is estimated that one Bitcoin transaction takes 1544 kWh to be processed.

Quick back of the envelope calculation: with that energy my car can run for 7125 km, so basically a short drive from Brussels, Belgium to Kabul, Afghanistan.

One transaction.

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‘6 Ways Vaccination Requirements Are Different From The Holocaust’: A Handy Guide For Anti-Vaxxers | The Shovel

"Although Crypto will over time make banks and card issuers completely obsolete, […]"


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Mail (the email client for Windows 10), has a loading bar for pasting text.

Someone saw that pasting text takes a long time, and instead of thinking 'OMG, we pasted text in the 80's without a problem', they decided to write a loading animation in, so that people would understand the paste is coming.

This is beyond parody.

Just came back from LinkedIn. Remember all these "influencer" profiles that proudly display something like "Ex-Google & Ex-Facebook Software Engineer" as their job title? I found one that took it one step further:

"Offer Holder from Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Flipkart, DirectI"

Offer. Holder.

I guess ten years from now the Linked Top Voice job title will be something like "I once got a call from a recruiter"

Jungbluth - Part Ache // // screamo // Germany // 2013 // Intense and emotional, perfect

"On average Bitcoin generates 272 g of e-waste per transaction processed on the blockchain."

The Future™ is so efficient.

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