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Is there a web app for Mastodon which supports sheduling toots?

#Help #Mastodon

Ah Monday morning, the start of my day of internal conference calls. One at 9am, one at 11am, one at noon, one at 1pm, and one at 3pm. Guess that's the joy of everyone working remotely?

My son has a Thomas the Tank Engine toy that talks. Sometimes he starts playing with it and forgets to turn it off.

Then when it starts talk it really freaks me out

@popey is do_release_upgrade still the best way to do this from the command line?

Morning folks
I enjoy a nice spring rain, and a good cup of coffee

@len looks sharp. i pay for an unlimited car wsh package for my car. I hate having a dirty car.

@clew Thanks for the response. I will look into those. I'm just trying to help him get past stuff he's done in scratch programing and into something a little heavier.

Been a long time since I was at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. Remember when the tech section of books was huge and actually had technical stuff?
Yeah now it's like one bookshelf and full of stuff like "All you wanted to know about social media but didn't want to ask a kid" or iPhone photography for dummies

What would be a good book for my 10 year old and I to work through to learn python programming

Great quote from a presentation today: ""If my kids can connect things to the internet, so can your employees".

THink about it

I have a great multi monitor setup in my office, but it is in the basement. I find myself often working where I have a window and just my laptop monitor. Weird I know

Who is your most interesting person I should follow here? Looking to learn

Watching and enjoying at Bristol today. Love the action of he short track

Need to start getting actual long runs in on Saturday and today was a start. Half marathon and 25k coming up in May

Now he will start book #2 and go on from there.
The thing we cautioned him is the books came out at different times and the kids aged/grew up so the books get a bit darker as things go on

My 10 year has been introduced to Harry Potter this Spring Break. He finished book #1 earlier today, so family movie night was movie #1.
Was really cool to see him react to the movie for the 1st time and "see" it through his new eyes

@shadowstreik so here's why I have so many: 1 for my son to just mess around on and build whatever he wants and all that. 1 for his friends to join him and work on. And then a couple that I forget why they exist but they do and I just keep them updated both the OS and the game

My father-in-law is retired from the Navy and when visiting recently I saw he was reading a book about how the US built a ship in secret to capture a sunken Russian sub.
I thought it sounded interesting so I picked up the book and just finished it. It was interesting and I recommend it

I think you might like this book – "The Taking of K-129: How the CIA Used Howard Hughes to Steal a Russian Sub in the Most Daring Covert Operation in History" by Josh Dean.


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