Still awake, going to be a rough day in the morning.

I have the ability to drop off and nap for 20 mins or so and then feel rested.

I fell asleep tonight for 20+ mins and then was woken up. Now my stupid mind is telling me its time to be awake

I always laugh a bit when people say they don't use their phone to call anyone any more. I'm talking on my phone most of the workday.

I don't know if it is because it has been grey all weekend out and continues to be, but today is a struggle to get going.

My 4 yr olds favortiy # today is 8100... As in "Alexa set timer 8100 minutes" "We are going to drive 8100 miles today" "I'll be with you in 8100 minutes" "Its going to be 8100 steps to find you" "Count to 8100 and then I'll find you"

It was cool and grey here today, my Facebook feed was full of people complaining about it. Not sure why

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We are looking for new big ideas. Submit your proposal for what our community should focus on next and set KDE's goals for the coming years.

Working from home sure changes when the kids are off from school. Everyone still in bed this mroning. Me in my office.
Grey raining day outside

Makes me want to go back to bed

Troubleshooting a down internet connection is way too difficult here. Reboot Wifi AP, see if that works, reboot switch see if that works, reboot firewall see if that works, reboot cable modem see if that works.

Yay internet back up

Ran 5 miles this morning on the trails. 1st time in a long time. My legs are sore in different ways then normal

Good day to sit outside at the back table and work.

Bad day for the allergies that result from doing so :)

looks at sky and thinks "naw it isn't going to rain I can work in the yard...."

get everything out , ready to start my project list and it starts to pour and thunder.

oh well back to reading a book

beautiful end to the work week. Last phone call of the day is taken on the back porch

Also have VS Code open through Linux on the Chromebook using git to update some information as well. That's pretty cool

I guess that's the beauty of things, I no longer really need a "corporate" laptop to get things done. Email/FIles/etc. all live "in the cloud" and I can grab it on any device

Sitting in the airport during a delay, Chromebook open, editing Word docs in Office 365 and not worrying about battery life is pretty cool

Last Memorial Day friends challenged me to run every day from Memorial Day to July 4th. I kept running since then and today completed day #365 in my running streak

it always bothers me a little when I see the outdoor motion sensor light on in the middle of the night.

I know it is just an animal, but something makes me wonder if it isnt

Also if you haven't had the Trader Joe's Irish Whiskey before try it. Not sure who atually makes it for them but its very enjoyable

The end of the Coke Cola 600 race and some Irish Whiskey is a great end to the day

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