i highly doubt I sweat less. 18 degrees with the windchill this afternoon and my shirt was soaked w/ sweat after my 6 mile run today.
I sweat in every temp

I'm going to be traveling next week and I think the only reason I'm bringing my big suitcase is for my running gear (shoes, clothes, hat, gloves, etc.)

One of my goto places for customer meetings and good coffee when in downtown Detroit.

I would recommend not getting too attached to multiple monitors. I find myself working all over the house some days (sitting on the living floor by the window right now) and working and not just stuck w/ my multiple displays

i like how things look after a fresh snowfall. Then I'm done w/ it.

happy 2019 friends. Here's to a new year full of possibility

I'm pleasantly surprised how easy it was to leverage the Hyper-V build of to have a VM running on my work computer

Now that all of our family Christmas celebrations are done the two big gifts I got were an office chair and a chainsaw.
I'm not sure which I'm more excited about, but leaning towards the office chair.

ah that time of night when my two kids are sleeping in the hotel room and I'm streaming something in the bathroom so they can all fall asleep. Wife is out with friends

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We are an ethical alternative to Instagram.

The project is still young, but we are getting close to a polished v1.0 release with federation support!

We can't wait to join the fediverse. ❤️ #pixelfed

Learned today that my internet at my in-laws "just goes out every day at this time" and they accept it. They pay AT&T each month for Internet that every day at 11:30am goes down briefly and apparently that is acceptable to them

In other stupid things I went to two stores that were still open as my wife reminded me that we had some present buying left :(

Finally downloaded this HP recovery tool. No idea why it is 15gb and needs a 32gb USB disk. Hoping this works

Christmas Eve run done. Now time to relax a bit until family stuff starts. Well not really relax still fighting a problem w/ an HP Envoy desktop I got at black friday

Let's try a gparted live iso to fix all the partitions that are there and then see what happens. Not how I wanted to spend my sunday

This has been nothing but a frustrating experience with this device

ok got a new HP dekstop on black friday and on WIndows 10 I've gotten a bunch of boot errors and stuff. Tried Ubuntu on it and getting a partman error on the installer, plus it doesn't detect my wifi. Maybe time to send it back?

Whelp all my expense reports are done and approved for the year. and done before the last week so that's an improvement over things. :) :) Maybe an early start on holiday break?

Clearly "The Santa Clause 2" is the weakest of the trilogy as you can never find it playing on cable.
#1 and #3 always seem to be on these days

I spent yesterday helping out at my son's school (rotated through various grades) and it reinforced that I don't understand they way math is done now.
It should just be math, not regrouping, math ladders, numbers and dots. It's math. 52+73 will always equal 125

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