So its day here and apparently the top pie for Michigan according to this article is "cheeseburger pie" what is that grossness

Man this "man cold" has hit hard and fast. Felt good Saturday and terrible when I woke up on Sunday

Good morning
Happy Tuesday hope its an awesome day for you

survived the winter "bomb cylcone" whatever that was. Kids don't have school again, bet they will be in school to end of june to make up all the snow days.
Happy Monday

55 mph wind gusts outside tonight. what a crazy winter it has been

Also will be praying the cable/power stay on due to the high wind

Will be flipping channels between the UofM basketball game and the NASCAR race. Or maybe stream the NASCAR race?

I just set my parents up with Chromebooks instead of the junked up Windows machines they were using (Windows 7 w/ 3gb of RAM and full of spyware).
Hopefully this means less phone calls on why things don't actually work

Inspector Gadget is being streamed on Twitch and its everything my childhood remembers

It's amazing how awesome the sun is. Seasonal Affect Disorder or whatever they call it is crazy. Bring on the sun adn warmer weather

What a way to start the. season with overtime

Glad this race is going the way it is, glad it isn't boring single file racing. Still probably the only one here that cares :)

Might be the only here that cares, but glad that NASCAR is back and the Daytona 500 is on again. Welcome back racing season.

another snow day here, looks like the kids will go to school until July :(

They had 6 snow days in the bank, we are on snow day 13

Fun run tonight in the 6+ inches of powder. Crazy enough to be one of the few outside

I pinned this tab in Chrome and forgot about. Maybe I should keep this tab opened and start posting things

My parents e-machine with 3gb is running slow and they want me to fix it... Can I just tell them to get a Chromebook?

And to the stack of computers for the recyler goes that box. If you are old enough to still have a modem port in you, perhaps it is time to go away

Found a computer in my house that I didn't know what it had on it or what it was for. Turned it on and it was an old Pentium D w/ 2 gb of RAM running Kubuntu Utopic which I think was from 2015?

happy Monday. My son grumbled as he had to get up and go to school after a week off due to the polar vortex or whatver. I call it winter, but whatever.

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