i feel like there should be an automated way to keep my sons 3 different MInecraft servers up and running.
Any ideas?

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Hey! There is a Mastodon subreddit. Come by to ask a question, answer one, or just say hi.


#reddit #hashtag

Long run done this morning, now sitting in a coffee shop listening to music and learn more about Zero Trust Networks while my oldest is at a birthday party

I'm sorry if you keep on expecting great content from me on here, but I keep forgetting about it. I really would like to make a habit of mine, but I just don't.

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I'd like to share a short lesson based on my experience working with computers for a couple of decades or so.

1) Don't ever put all the screws back in until you know it's working.

2) Putting all the screws in will stop something from working.

It was an interesting case though. They were selecting jury for an age discrimination lawsuit.
Plaintiff was arguing he was fired due to his age.

Defendant was arguing the person quit

Civic duty done for a bit as I served my time for Jury Duty.
Glad I wasn't selected as the case I sat in on was a 4 day trail

Forgot how hot it was in TX for running. Started at 6am and it was already 80+ and the humidty was off the charts. Gross... How do my TX people get out and run? Do you get used to it?

Slept like crap last night, got up early to catch a flight... Now in training until THursday. I may fall asleep in session this afternoon

Hrmm it appears the menus on my Visual Studio code on my Chromebook are so small I caan't read them. Anyone know where/how to adjust the size?

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Been of the desktop/laptop for a week so not sure when things changed but the new twitter sure is a waste of a lot of space.
Makes me like this beter

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Dear Internet, do you know the interior dimensions of typical minivans as they are in the US (Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sianna, Kia Carnival ...). It is mainly about the clear height and width of the rear sliding doors or the tailgate. In addition, it would be good to know on which models you can simply take out the back seat. I would like to know if I can get into the vehicle with my wheelchair (via a ramp). Thanks for any info and also for sharing!

Awesome job for me... Hit the power plug on my desktop as I was presenting thus turning everyting off. Yay me

I've never understood all the people who can't figure out what zone they are for boarding. After years and years of travel I can't wrap my mind around this.

You go when they call your zone. That's it

Lost the travel lotto today... Mtgs ended early so changed flight to get bak tonight.
Flight delayed now not getting back to early morning.

Going to be a rough day of work tomorrow

Probably an unpopular opinion but if are so big you need a seatbelt extender and the arm rest up to fit in your seat your should have to pay for two seats.

You know you are up early when 2nd breakfast happens at 630

The joy of a 330 am alarm clock for a flight

I just had to tell my kids "We don't share popsicles with friends"

Add that to the list of phrases I never thought I would say

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