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Jenna Magius @jennamagius

The most important microblogging search feature is:

Search MY TIMELINE for that post I saw four days ago and now want to link someone to.

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I do not want to search the whole service for these terms. I saw this tweet before and I just want to find it again.

Wanted: Not quite a search feature, but a "Fetch" feature -- When I see an interesting post on your instance, be able to fetch it into my instance so I can reply to it. !GNUsocial #FeatureRequest
@bobjonkman I experimented with this in postActiv and the problem I had is that I couldn't be sure that I'd get a notice polled cold from a remote Mastodon or Hubzilla site.  It occurs to me I didn't try Friendica.  I should probably play with this some more sometime, it was one of the things I was doing before I ended up in the hospital, which kind of put a crimp on things >_<;

@jennamagius @djsundog let me stabilize and optimize new server and it will come soon to add to the already existing text search ( get the latest 20 results or search your home timeline ).