The most important microblogging search feature is:

Search MY TIMELINE for that post I saw four days ago and now want to link someone to.

I do not want to search the whole service for these terms. I saw this tweet before and I just want to find it again.

Wanted: Not quite a search feature, but a "Fetch" feature -- When I see an interesting post on your instance, be able to fetch it into my instance so I can reply to it. !GNUsocial #FeatureRequest
@bobjonkman I experimented with this in postActiv and the problem I had is that I couldn't be sure that I'd get a notice polled cold from a remote Mastodon or Hubzilla site.  It occurs to me I didn't try Friendica.  I should probably play with this some more sometime, it was one of the things I was doing before I ended up in the hospital, which kind of put a crimp on things >_<;

@jennamagius @djsundog let me stabilize and optimize new server and it will come soon to add to the already existing text search ( get the latest 20 results or search your home timeline ).

@jennamagius this is one way to do it on twitter
t search timeline @sferik "query"
obvious laborious prerequisites but can be done

@tqft That's pretty good! It's a bit of a bummer because event if the Twitter API wasn't intentionally hobbled it'd still be kinda inefficient to pull everything client-side in order to do the search. Also, 3,200 is pretty few, really. It's the best you can get with twitter.

But hey, Twitter ruining their API is the reason I'm here right now, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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