Somebody please put me on the scent of a good rust async readline library that's maintained & really really async & not just blocking reads in a thread that shovels lines into a channel.

I can't even find a sniff of one & surely this is something that literally everyone wants.

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I kinda like linefeed better than rustyline, but linefeed appears to be dead & rustyline's very active.

Very active, buuuut.... nothing in this thread since Tokio 1.0 was released:


Crossterm seems sick, but it doesn't seem to go so far as actually just _doing readline_. It seems like you could relatively simply make a good readline with crossterm, but I don't see that anybody has.


@tqft @jennamagius Hmm, not really what I do so I don't know any off the top of my head. I'll ask some friends tho


@spacekookie @tqft Haha, well don't get too hung up on it 'cause I think there probably just isn't one yet. Somebody'll write a good one eventually, but it seems like "rustyline in a thread" is the current state of the art.

(Thank you tho!)

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