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10X programmer: ten times more productive

0x10X programmer: sixteen times more productive if you can talk to them in hex

010X programmer: eight times more productive, but can toggle a bootloader for Spacewar into a PDP-1 from memory

0b10X programmer: either twice as productive at writing Intel CPU microcode, or two thousand eight hundred and thirty two times more productive at parsing badly formatted hex

4X programmer: four times more productive at developing space conquest games

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depression, suicide, hope Show more

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I don't understand people who think that self-improving artificial intelligence will solve all of humanity's problems. We've already got self-improving natural intelligence and all it does is shitpost and be depressed

I do not want to search the whole service for these terms. I saw this tweet before and I just want to find it again.

The most important microblogging search feature is:

Search MY TIMELINE for that post I saw four days ago and now want to link someone to.

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day job, performance review (part 1) Show more

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Here's some for young :

* Prefer hourly jobs over salaried positions.
* When getting paid hourly, insist on time and a half for overtime. If you work more than 40 hours a week, you should be paid extra. If your boss refuses, immediately leave/disconnect and do not return until the following Monday.
* Nobody is doing you a favor by hiring you. They are buying your time and effort and trying to pay you as little as possible. Don't let them fool or gaslight you.

The experience of being a pedestrian is spending a lot of time: looking people in the eyes through their windshields, silently begging them not to kill you (while you have right-of-way).

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If Futaba's a hikikomori, how come her style is so fucking fly.

Answer me that, huh?

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@jennamagius nothing has helped my imposter syndrome like seeing my coworkers' code.

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@jennamagius If we had dignity, we'd find a more honest way to earn a living, like arms trafficking.

Like: damn, y'all live like this? It's been 500 lines since I last saw a bit of code that DID SOMETHING.

A thing doing security code reviews has taught me is: developers have no dignity.

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BREAKING: 'They' Is Fucking Plural, Right? We'll Ask Someone, And They'll Answer, And THAT'S AN EXAMPLE RIGHT THERE AND IT READ JUST FINE TO YOU. So Shut Up About Plural 'They' Somehow Being Wrong Already, For Fuck's Sake!

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Bank: Who was your best friend growing up?
Me: Paul
Bank: Sorry, that's too short of an answer.
Me: Fine, I'll be back after I relive my childhood. There was a Timothy that I probably should have given a chance.

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I’ve been waiting for a Pluto's Kiss incident since 2003 at least

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