(Actually I do have a mechanical opinion and that opinion is "Quill is a fucking slog until you have all hobbies" was excellent spannungsbogen and I'm sad it's gone)

But whatever, if you can't grind diamonds the whole game literally doesn't work, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh, and! The multi-tap tap behavior is wildly OP, which is actually super great because it perfectly bridges the "on PC people are almost certainly using an autoclicker" gap

I have opinions about incremental porn games, apparently

AND, of course, the full NSFW mode isn't available on android. (As far as I can tell?). But that's more of a "it is depressing that our society is structured around weird puritanism enforced by payment processors" than a "this doesn't work for me" thing.

Also it seems like android ironically doesn't have the phone flings? The phone flings are almost definitely the best writing in the game, they're kinda astonishingly good.

Also, they changed Quill's favored stat from Lucky to Motivation???? I don't necessarily have an opinion about the gameplay flow implications of that, but: THAT'S CHARACTER WORK. If your game is fundamentally driven by players feeling moe towards your characters you can't just play fast and loose with the identities of your characters.

Crush Crush on android is exciting, except: it seems like there's no way to grind diamonds on android???? There's like a "watch an ad and get a skip" thing, but that's not at all sufficient.

Privacy policies are like...

"We at Big Eyes Corp value your privacy. We do not use your data except as outlined in this policy.

Ways we use your data:
- We may use your data any way we want, for any reason."

There comes a time in every girl's life where she is forced to ask herself:

"Is it currently first 1 AM or second 1 AM?"

LibreOffice markup satire, bad for screenreaders 

Programatically xmling together ODT documents is... not a first class workflow.

draw:stroke, more like "I'm going to have a stroke if I can't get libreoffice to stop drawing a border on this fucking element"

oh, so you like ontology? name everything that exists

winning over the nerds to an anticapitalist system by explaining that once we destroy capitalism, harmony gold will no longer hold the macross license

"you love the big crossover movies? well, imagine a society where everyone could do whatever crossovers they want because everything is public domain and the artists who make that work have the material support they need to keep working and don't have to worry about viciously guarding their source of income via copyright laws"

Actually, this is not correct. The dance coefficient slowly ramps up and gets pretty high by the end.

Whatever, it's fucking great, though.

Want You Back is honestly incredible for being both absolutely nothing whatsoever and genuinely excellent.

There's a HAIM music video complexity ordering that goes like:

Want You Back: "They walk down the street and do occasional coordinated moves."
Little of Your Love: "She walks into a CLUB and then they do DANCING"
Forever: "There are like five different threads in the video, including (separately): performing the music, dancing, and doing motorcycle stunts. They don't particularly mean anything but they're all dope."
The Wire: "A NARRATIVE occurs."

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