who called it `git blame` and not `git whose-line-is-it-anyway`?

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Driving an automobile is an incredibly fresh hell. It's cruel.

httpscreenshot/eyewitness/etc. are nice, but when you really wanna power-browse webapps on a network, consider:

while read line; do xdg-open "$line"; done < <(tail -n +11 urls | head -n 10)

Adapt to your needs and preferences. Much nicer+faster than browsing one at a time.

An important piece of context I'm not sure everybody has: OpenSSH is the single best piece of computer networking software ever made. It is the Swiss army knife of networking, an internet power user's chef's spatula.

I wanna make sure we're on the same page about this.

A broad audience of people who are going to yell at me and be mean, probably, but uh... we'll be immolated on that bridge as we cross it.

Detroit Literally Becomes Human (And Exacts Revenge On An America That Left It To Rot)

it is the world's biggest mood to clock fellow transpeople in public and want to reach out to them in solidarity and just not really have any appropriate way to do so

Star Fox video store AU where Krystal is a video clerk, but it's also a modern AU, so there aren't any more video stores so she has to sit on top of a red box to insult people.

That's like 50g for me
Solo Holy as a Priest

di.fm: <has a Chillout and a Vocal Chillout channel>

Also di.fm: <puts tracks with vocals on the regular Chillout channel>

TFW fuzzing an application that gets knocked over in a stiff breeze.

503 Service Unavailable

I never did like the name "C++". It should be "C + 1". "C++" implies you've assigned the value back to C, in which case you shouldn't be referring to it with the "++" anymore, and if you do that means every time you reference it it gets incremented again.. ridiculous.

Few things get my goat as effectively as professional goat thieves.

They invented a new number. It's called "derf". It goes between five and six

every time your computer boots the processor wakes up thinking it's 1978 and the bootloader and kernel have to work together to gently coax it back to reality

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