Is this like... actual ass corporate astroturfing? It's pretty brazen.

Me: "I'd like to upgrade my plan."
Comcast: "Ah yes, definitely 200Mb down isn't cutting it anymore, you need more down, I understand."
Me: "No, can I get like... more than 9,600 baud up?"
Comcast: <calls the police>

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Comcast be like "GET 10 GB+ DOWNLOAD SPEEDS!!!!" with a footnote like "If you wanna send bytes UP, we've got like... a mouse who wears a courier jacket that we can send around to pick up your bytes occasionally. Try not to send too many though, she gets tired."

I had like... zero hope inside my heart for that. I was fully resigned to it being fuckbusted forever.

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Holy shit, I finally managed to test my Yeti Pro that failed through its analog path, and: the capsule is fine, it's just the built in USB path that failed.

This is a very exciting discovery.

Somehow my plan to not go to sleep so that I don’t have to wake up to a workday keeps failing.

Social media, or as I call it: free association (website edition)

Compare and contrast:
* Kizuna AI kicking around 1-inch deep water in the MIRACLE music video
* Lauren Mayberry hanging around in 1-inch deep water in the Leave A Trace music video

An air conditioning system that, instead of sending the waste energy somewhere else: compresses the waste energy into matter and emits pellets

How does Xwrapper.config/allowed_users not have a middle ground between "console" and "literally whoever the fuck, god is dead"

I can't like... specify a group?

The first chapter of Moby Dick has big shitpost energy

I didn't lose my account or anything, but it seems like if you're gonna gambling-addiction scam people for their life's savings you could at least have a proper account system instead of weird single-use transfer numbers.

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A factory reset has restored my phone from garbage status.

...why is the Fate/GO data durability mechanism so friggin' tenuous.

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My reasonably modern smartphone has begun running so shittily that my podcast player gets killed if I get a text message (or otherwise strain resources in any way)

This anxiety is especially amplified by the fact that the answer is usually "I did follow them but then the instance they were on got cancelled"

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I never wanna push a second follow, but also... browsing masto is what I do when my brain is completely burnt out from work, so I definitely don't know who the heck I might have tried to follow in the past

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Whenever I see an account I'm surprised I'm not already following I wonder if I never followed them at all or I followed and got soft blocked and just don't remember.

"We're spreading this IP out among a few people so that if any one voice actor gets too uppity we can fucking fire them."

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