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Unpaywall is a handy little open source project, available to use as a browser extension, which makes it easier to find open access copies of journal papers.

I just thought I'd share this here for those who may need it. I find it very useful!


Broken about the Mollie Tibbets news. As a woman, a runner, a mother.

My oldest son’s homeroom and social studies teacher use a Mase gif on his welcome back tweet (shh) and he’s my new favorite.

Tired of being told how to function/fit in/etc. I’m not an extrovert. I don’t want to make small talk. Back up. Personal space.

All of the ads I’m being served on Pinterest are for CBD oil. Interesting buy. They’re very Pinteresty and pretty too.

Oh dear. It seems like Tuesday needs afternoon coffee too. (I slept poorly due to storms.)

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Ate leftover homemade Philly cheesesteak for lunch. Now v v sleepy.

They just used the worn autumnal on the weather and I’m overjoyed.

They went to school. It’s pouring.

Fitting. I’m just gonna mole around for a bit as I can’t run yet. My mama heart hurts.

I don’t remember what happened after the explosion. Did our teacher just usher us to recess? I have an abnormally good and photographic memory, so not remembering this part bothers me. Hmm.

Wow. Watching a PBS documentary on Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger disaster. It’s a compilation of video and I’m just over here crying.

The boys go back to school tomorrow. I hate losing my time with them. Being their mom is one of my greatest joys. But! I’m also excited to see how they grow this year. So bittersweet.

Him: Should we take them out for ice cream after dinner since it’s our last day of summer?
Me: DUH.

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Don't forget: you have a fresh start here. You don't have to follow anyone you aren't interested in/who will make you enraged. Be kind to yourself.

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