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The Trinity of Wholesomeness

Rogers: be kind to other people
Irwin: be kind to animals
Ross: be kind to yourself

Sometimes I watch A League Of Their Own simply because it’s my favorite movie. Sometimes I watch it just to cry.


Wrong day to have had 2.5 cups of coffee. Holy heart palpitations, Batman.

I ran eight miles today. In 84° heat with 74% humidity and full sun from 6.2 in which was nothing but hills to the finish.

If you need me, I’m on the couch.

Selfie, weight loss 

🎵🎶If you don’t expect too much from me you might not be let down🎶🎵

But you might be. So there’s that.

(One scar is from a dog. The other scar is from when I fell out of bed in 4th grade.)

Here’s why I don’t now and will not ever put anything on/in my eyebrows to make them stand out more: I sweat. A lot. Eyebrows are meant to keep sweat out of your eyes. That’s their actual purpose. Mine are already big enough and I don’t want junk running down into my eyes more than the salty sweat that does—which burns. So my natural eyebrows are just gonna have to be stylish enough. Okay? Good.

Busy work day. Excited to relax for a few before I take the 10yo out on his next training run.

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Morning selfie, eyeglass glare eye contact 

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If you're a writer and want some eyes on your work, post it with the #ReadMyStuff tag.

If you're someone who enjoys reading and has some free time on their hands, have a gander through that tag. Feedback on writing > positive reinforcement > motivation. <3

I get jealous and feel left out when the running group runs by. Then I remember I’m an introvert and hate groups/group activities.

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It’s so cool out. I just want to take a nap outside.

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