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I'm an aromatic ace. More specifically, the aroma in question is coffee.

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sort of late

I'm 20, He/Him, ace, Belgian, CS student and board member of a student organization that promotes FOSS.

I think functional programming, narrative indie games, cartoons, webcomics and noize/punk/ska music are really cool. I also think cats are amazing.

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what people think anarchists want versus what anarchists actually want

@jelle_dc He awake

But he also askleep

And most important, HIS LITTLE FEETS!

Jason Scott just dumped the ZIL source code for every infocom game on github. Clone it before Activision's lawyers wake up. And now we see how long it takes for the internet to produce a compiler for a language that's been dead for 30+ years from a cache of production grade source code for said language. We've had compiled z-machine files, but never the original ZIL.

satanism but it's actually just a cult of personality around some dude who wrote baphomet fanfics vs. satanism but it's actually just a bunch of atheist whomst goth

he keeps getting these black stains on his face like how even

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APAB. All People Are Bastards. I refuse to recognize the institution of marriage as legitimate, for no state, church or any third party has the right to endorse - or withhold endorsement - of any relationship, and as such privilege it over others, and therefore all people are born outside of legitimate wedlock.

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the meaning of “disappointment” is when you go to put your hands in your hoodie front pocket and there’s no pocket

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