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just a heads up that if you randomly follow me or jump into my mentions with some weird non-sequitur when

- your account was made this month
- your bio is empty or extremely non-descriptive
- you have no avatar
- you have no toots
- you don't have any toots that look like they're made by an actual human being

that's suspicious and I'll probably just assume you're a bot or a spammer and block you.

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misinformation (not really) 

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I'm an aromatic ace. More specifically, the aroma in question is coffee.

the greeks believed werewolves took their skin suits off to become wolves, furries take their fursuits off to become people, ergo, furries can also be refered to as [animal]were, suffixing with the old english word for man to indicate the reverse of the case

DHCP be like hey have you seen my uplink

And then your host is all what's uplink

And DHCP be like lmao sike gottem 😂😂😂👌💯 your gateway is, net mask and your address is

it's been months and i still have that thing stuck in my head that's like "i am a nonbinary, bisexual, switch. i have never made a decision in my life and i am not gonna start now"

social engineering someone into being your friend

can't believe that the technology to limit videos to 6 seconds was lost and took multiple years to reinvent

I'm gonna post a cat picture, just like your aunt would

food, shitpost 

5 minutes ago he was yelling at me for being in the shower and not playing with him. Is he playing with me now? Jerk.

what up y'all ya boi's sleepy on a fancy train

if two people have similar colour schemes in their avis, i'll spend about 50% of the time thinking they're the same person

There are no rules regarding gender or gender presentation that nonbinary people can't break.

We are beyond them.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #lgbtq #nonbinarypride

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