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just a heads up that if you randomly follow me or jump into my mentions with some weird non-sequitur when

- your account was made this month
- your bio is empty or extremely non-descriptive
- you have no avatar
- you have no toots
- you don't have any toots that look like they're made by an actual human being

that's suspicious and I'll probably just assume you're a bot or a spammer and block you.

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misinformation (not really) 

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I'm an aromatic ace. More specifically, the aroma in question is coffee.

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sort of late

I'm 20, He/Him, ace, Belgian, CS student and board member of a student organization that promotes FOSS.

I think functional programming, narrative indie games, cartoons, webcomics and noize/punk/ska music are really cool. I also think cats are amazing.

actually, note to self, write this in a dairy or smth instead next time

ok so is 6am and I spent an hour writing toots and deleting them but I think I untangled some thoughts so that's good I think. G'night y'all.

they're not aaaaaa gay thoughts more like we live in a society thoughts

should go to bed but also having gay thoughts I should write down so they're out of my head

aggretsuko s2 vague spoilers 

aggretsuko s2 vague spoilers 

aggretsuko s2 vague spoilers 

aggretsuko s2 vague spoilers 


aggretsuko s2 vague spoilers 

are gori and washimi lesbiabs or am i just conditioned to assume they are by watching too much steven universe

so I'm an aro fool but I feel like they were setting up retsuko and haida to fall in love all of the past season and then just hit reset on that this season idk

also I finished bertie and tuca, should probably write down some thoughts on that later

watching aggretsuko season 2. Plot seems a bit all over the place. Halfway through and they p much literally said "this arc is resolved now" in voiceover. Which I thought is kind of weird wrt how you would build a plotline for a 10 eps/season 15 minutes/ep show but we'll see where it goes, not that this arc really needed more screentime anyway

Loki has learned that when there's whataburger there's a plastic bag. He now comes running when there's whataburger

it's called bipedal because everyone who walks on two legs is bi, sorry I don't make the rules


Our demo got 3rd place \o/

Huge thanks to everyone who helped, especially @SuricrasiaOnline and Titus/Rabenauge for making the graphics very last-minute!

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