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just a heads up that if you randomly follow me or jump into my mentions with some weird non-sequitur when

- your account was made this month
- your bio is empty or extremely non-descriptive
- you have no avatar
- you have no toots
- you don't have any toots that look like they're made by an actual human being

that's suspicious and I'll probably just assume you're a bot or a spammer and block you.

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misinformation (not really) 

asexual is actually short for anarcho-sexual or "Ⓐsexual". The same goes for aromantic and agender. People who identify as any of these think the social structures around sexuality, relationships and gender act as unjust hierarchies, and they strive to tear them down.

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I'm an aromatic ace. More specifically, the aroma in question is coffee.

Nothing quite like curling up in bed with a gigantic Old Man Cat on your lap to make you feel safe and warm.

If we get enough racists fired the media won't consider them a worthwhile demographic to market to and will drop them and their narratives overnight.

In this essay I will

yes im european, i use metric units i dont own a credit card and i never had a pop tart in my life. is that all

"screenreader friendly", shitpost 

my roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi soi soi

i am opposed to gender. a gender-anarchist! it was my gender who shot franz ferdinand, and my gender that was shot!

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“If we make all jobs pay the same amount, how will we incentivize people to do the jobs no one wants to do?”

“Well, the jobs that no one wants to do already pay like shit and people still do them”

I don't use snapchat, I hate twitter, can't stand reddit, imgur sucks, I got called an elitist because I hate facebook too, I think I saw a vine once, I don't use tiktok, I've never even tried instagram, the chans can go to hell, even youtube, which I spend dozens of hours on a week, I hate. they're all bad. corporate social media always sucks. im not sorry.

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