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just a heads up that if you randomly follow me or jump into my mentions with some weird non-sequitur when

- your account was made this month
- your bio is empty or extremely non-descriptive
- you have no avatar
- you have no toots
- you don't have any toots that look like they're made by an actual human being

that's suspicious and I'll probably just assume you're a bot or a spammer and block you.

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misinformation (not really) 

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I'm an aromatic ace. More specifically, the aroma in question is coffee.

Fictional food and beverage I wish were real 

i just almost referred to lucario as duende talking to someone irl

the answer is "refresh the page a couple of times and somehow the 'check out' button (which tells you to just run git fetch && git checkout master in your terminal) turns into a clone button giving you the repo url

not that I'm a fan of github but I gotta look into some code that's on bitbucket for my thesis and oh god this UI

just confused the german RAF with the british RAF and had to do a double take


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