I found the hashtag this morning and wanted to get in on that. My lab partner and I are teaching a French link stitch next week, so I was knocking out a model or two (and trying to remember how to do it!)

Unsupported and just a paper cover because the point was to show the sewing rather than be super functional.

@margodeweerdt Thanks so much! I'm really feeling the lack of daily bookbinding - losing my polish and precision. I appreciate the kind response!

@jdb Ahhhh this is GORGEOUS work! The stitching is so neat. Lovely choice of endpapers too.

@aphyr Thanks for kind words! Because it was just a model for instruction, I tried to use scrap material. That was the last of that paper for me, sad to say.

Not a thing wrong with that. I'll take six, please. :-)

@jdb As someone who just started to get into book binding, I’m really excited to find actual book binders on Fedi :D.

@jdb I have been wanting to try the French link stitch, but I thought I'd better start simple and do the basic coptic stitch first before I go off on wild adventures. :)
It looks gorgeous. Love how you coordinated the thread with the cover.

@Annmie Oh, thanks! The class we taught went really well - may have been the simplest structure we've presented.

If you're doing a coptic with multiple needles/stations, this chain/link stitch is much easier, I think. You can see a great video of it from the University of Cincinnati's preservation department:

Good luck! (I wish we'd all find some consistent terminology for bindings. I think this is the French Link. Cincinnati thinks it's the French Chain.)

@jdb thank you so much for the encouragement and the excellent link! Highly appreciated. 😃

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