Georgetown's library maker space is having de-making sessions during finals. Students can come in and dismantle old electronics as a stress reliever. I want to do that.

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Hey, could you lot share this:

I'm looking for music reviewers, editors, and anyone who covers audio. But I am looking for people who *actually* review queer artists who actively avoid working for labels. Small blog/big site, no matter.

I have a punk power pop album coming out in 2019 so I need to compile contacts before I start on a promo landing page.

DM me, link me to yr site/profile/email, but ONLY if you *actually* cover queer people who refuse to work within shitty boundaries.


I think my head is too heavy for feather pillows. Deep thinker.

Accidentally found the stairs from that scene in The Exorcist!

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... and last but not the least, the playlist for earlier's live Intergalactic Wasabi Mix show on ! 😅💦

audio recording can be downloaded by visiting the link above 🎧

Sonic Youth
Eric’s Trip
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Rose Chronicles
C’est La Mort
Eric’s Trip
Rollins Band
Nada Surf
Red Martian (follow them! 👉 @SDF @smj )
Temple of the Dog
The High Dials
The Strokes
The White Stripes


pheeew!!! 😅💦

Thank U 4 tuning in! ✌️

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Hahaha that bit of depressing and outraging politics you just tooted...i know! Haha it’s bad! Everything’s very bad quite often really! Haha so would it motherfucking kill you to put a CW on it, comrade? It wouldn’t haha it really wouldn’t! And then pffft get this - and then i wouldn’t have to SEE it if I weren’t ready to!! AHAHAHA

It's snowing!

[okay, back to sleep. love you all]

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Good leftists acknowledge that you deserve to live even if you don't provide "value".

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TERFs are blocked server wide from ever interacting with this server upon reported so no need to individually block/mute - report. Support #equality [=], #NOH8 & everyone 🏳️‍🌈.

TERF - Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) - you might be a TERF if:

Please feel free to read & support others & y/our community.

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I have done it! I caught this lil one coming in HOT 🔥, letting the tower know & landing gear, out! & now that I've had a closer [slower] look, evidently this is a 'rare' for CA Mexican violetear (Colibri thalassinus)!? You can hear their wings flutter coming in and their ADORABLE sound as well as eating! They come back about once an hour. Filmed via iPhone XS at 1080p 240fps slo-mo & slightly overexposed to bring out their blues & greens. #MastoArt #CreativeToots

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Just published "Koype v0.1.0, ActivityDesk and You" on #patreon!

You've seen me talk about #koype and more recently #activitydesk a lot. This post gives more context on them!

Feel free to support and follow the process at

#dev | #creators

🙇🏿‍♂️ :boost_ok: (boosts ok!) 🙇🏿‍♂️

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Speaking of & inviting friends over here to break away from :tumblsink:
If you have comics-focused artists friends then feel free to direct them to new instances by :mastoart: alums turned admins of their own instances at (a-z):
—run by @Rheall
—run by @ThatTupperKid

& also, beautiful photography & CW NSFW photography at:

Enjoy & thanks for inspiring others & for supporting the :fediverse:

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Carmen Maria Machado's stories leave me physically shaking.

what a goddamn incredible author.

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