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I've updated my avatar to show the mustache that will be slowly arriving over the course of November. That was last year's particularly shaggy look.

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Still not #inktober, but still ink, and more pleasure.
I have to change the way I work.

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New to mastodon? Don't forget this, especially on a shitty day like today:

Don't get blocked for being insensitive to people already suffering from the trauma.

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The 2nd Volume of the Kintsugi Magazine @kintsugi is now available.

As a surprise to our readers and collaborators the magazine will be in PDF, epub and mobi formats.

I've worked extensively to make the PDF possible. The 2nd volume has a lot of interesting articles. I hope you'll enjoy it. Please head to kintsugim.wordpress.com/blog to download.


Please share if possible.

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Today at 12:30 UTC (13:30 BST) on #anonradio I will be playing the playlist I was supposed to play on Tuesday but I didn't due to impromptu nap! 😂 #sorrynotsorry #djharvey //anonradio.net 🎧⚡️

I haven't posted in a while. Here's an oil painting from last night's open figure session. Starting to really enjoy portraiture.

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2.5x3.5 inches, ink and watercolor

This armored sea serpent kicked off my current dragon-themed obsession that bacame a Smaugust 2017 art card spree. I'll be uploading the rest of the cards, but I'll try to space them out. :)

#smaugust #dragon #ACEO #fanatsyart

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Hello !
I'm a french digital artist and I'm new here !
I am studying in Game-Art at ISART Digital because I want create video games for make people discover stories and characters.

I am actually on two projects of video games, one with my girlfriend and one in solo~

I hope you like my art ! 💛

mastodon.art/media/BBrVNMct99s mastodon.art/media/2EXjdLf-w9R mastodon.art/media/1xGMQHDLJSX mastodon.art/media/-Rm10c8BgWQ

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To donate less than £50 to the Topos rescue brigade that are helping victims of the Earthquake in Mexico just PayPal whatever you can to donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org 💪🏼🇲🇽🙏🏾

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4 more minutes 4 more minutes!!! #djharvey #anonradio //anonradio.net

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The most elaborate collaboration @Jennahos and I have done so far with #drawpile - and we are planning to color it, too!
So this is our #sketch of a Chimera and it's #ArtWithOpenSource :D

#mastoart #art #creativetoots

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Outraged protesters take to the streets of #StLouis over acquittal of ex-cop in trial for murder of Anthony Lamar Smith reuters.com/article/us-missour Gun found in victims car had only DNA of the cop on it

I keep going back to the bird site because of its commentary on current events, but the conversation about whose masculinity is more toxic is hard to stomach right now.

Most Alpha Male is not a trophy you should want.

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So Today on Dj Harvey: Let's Die Out Together, we're gonna play something from the new OMD Album, The Strokes, Ghostpoet, The Kinks, Zola Jesus, and other cool things. Tune in and toot if you'd like a shout out! #djharvey #anonradio //anonradio.net

The recommended way to listen to Anonradio is to “Open Network” with VLC Player, and point it to anonradio.net:8000/anonradio. VLC Player is available for Windows, OSX, Gnu/Linux, FreeBSD, Android, and iOS

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I'm seeing a lot of people talking about Zello and other apps as backup communication during a disaster. Specifically how well this worked in Houston during Harvey. There's an important distinction to be made here.

In Houston, much of the communication infrastructure was still operable. Power stayed on to the cell towers and they still had connectivity. [1/5]