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@aldersprig 'Greenish-red' is the term I always use for what other people call 'brown'.

Laurie Penny is trying to make the world a better place: Twenty ways to help someone who's being bullied online...


@FerdiZ Thanks, that's what's keeping me up tonight. Trying to capture the idea with words. I've never had an idea I couldn't just draw, at least in doodle form.

@TMWReviews Thanks, Jamie. I'm a Jamie, too, btw! And we both draw. And, um, I studied in Wales a long time ago...

I really like your artwork!

@ajr Oh, hey! That is way cooler than I imagined! Who would have thought you could do so much with that idea?

@ajr whew! I'm both terribly curious and terribly delicate sometimes.

@ajr To click or not to click? Hmmm.

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My artmojo has seemingly gone on holiday, but I had to draw *something* , or I'd feel like crap.

So, a pencil thing based on the intro to The Mission's "Deliverance - Sorcerer's Mix" #sketch mastodon.art/media/vOnWa8p7TWP

I'm not sleeping. (who has the patience to blend in the middle of the night?)

@sydneyfalk Way to pull through today. Hope tomorrow is better.

What if the best idea you've ever had for an art project involves painting and film and choreography and, I don't know, a stage to put it on, but you're just a librarian with some sticks of charcoal in his hand?

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Since I haven't done this here

I'm Miffy they/them, I'm
An autistic person who identifies with robots in a spiritual way.

I use mostly traditional materials such as ink, watercolour and pencil- but I also dabble with digital on occasion

Robots, aliens and monsters or my favourite thing to draw but I'm trying to diversify to improve my work :-3

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This is a Haiku
This is really a Haiku
Don't judge my Haiku

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My friend is trying to kickstart an illustrated storybook on making kimchee. Wanna fund art by a queer person of color, support a story book for POC kids, learn about Korean-American culture, *and* l learn to make delicious kimchee?

Itโ€™s only $3,000 away from being fully-funded, but there just three days short days left!


@sydneyfalk @NattyGov Keeping in mind that most of my heavy conversations are with relatively self-aware librarian types...

@LensaMoon @Jennahos @Curator Isn't that Curator just the best?!

@sydneyfalk @NattyGov I've only said this to people in response to the suggestion that parenting daughters is inherently riskier. The reaction is usually chagrine instead of anger or defensiveness.

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@Elizafox I don't, but I *just* started following you, so...

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Boost if you understand that "boost/fav if" polls inordinately favor boosted responses due to the greater distribution.

Fav if you don't.