Back working in the library and there are way too many people in here. (100% mask compliant, though!)

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Straighten your back.
Relax your shoulders.
Unclench your jaw.
Loosen your neck.

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In "The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries," Topher Payne rewrites the ending of "Giving Tree" to unpick the expert, Silversteinien knot of shitty ideas tied so well that you can easily miss them.

Not only is this hilarious stuff, it's also incredibly, VISCERALLY satisfying, as the tree tells off the boy for being such a colossal asshole.


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I just finished #reading Books & Bone by @vicorva and dang, it was so great!! Gonna write a nice review on GoodReads and where I got it once I get a chance!

The book is currently free on Itch until the end of the month, but you can pay anyway, which you should if you can:


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I will do another jigsaw puzzle Kickstarter with "Disco Dingo" and "The Star". More information coming soon ❤️ .
#art #illustration #mastoart

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uspol and a cat 

Here's Olive, comfy in the sun.

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Thanks muchly for the cw's on the politics talk, y'all. Part of self care today was coming on to read some flash fiction and see cat photos.

I like this:

And I'd love some recommendations for more like it.


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I can't remember if I ever posted these here but a while ago I spent literally 6 months handstitching an 8-foot-long giant squid plushie and it's the best fucking thing I've ever done. Their name is Vandermeer and they like cuddles

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I should hear this week about grad school acceptance (or lack of, I guess.) Hard to focus on much else.

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Listening now to the fantastic lo-fi & hip-hop mixtapes by the great @cat!

You can download them via gemini on:

or on the regular interwebs on:

Daffodils blooming in early February because of the warm weather in Raleigh. Will they survive the inevitable frosts we'll get in the coming weeks?

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