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@programwitch Why are there Tulsa 'Hurricanes'?

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@jason Blast from the past. I think my parents kept this in the bathroom as reading material. I don't remember it ever being used.

@noelle Nice to be able to put a name to it. This is exactly why I can't watch TV shows like The Office or anything where someone makes an ass of themselves. I feel it too deeply - I don't need to suffer through that with a fictional character.

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A Pre-Pantone Guide to Colors: Dutch Book From 1692 Documents Every Color Under the Sun cultr.me/1qJcJ7Q t.co/0tvEYoxouM

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Captivated by this voice, as always: vimeo.com/225960105

(Having trouble posting today.)

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Nine! Nine before noon!

I have already spoken to half a dozen people today. Blech.

Sometimes I'm really sorry that I took a day not paying attention to what's happening in the world. Sometimes I'm really glad I didn't.

I feel both ways about today.

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Watercolor sketching setup, now with MOAR FROBS.

#sketchbook #frog #watercolor

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Left the urban out of my urban sketching this afternoon, just for something different.

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@jason Well, I'm curious about the first two especially because I can't imagine the scenario in which you would not visit the park and accidental tourism is almost always the best kind.

I vote for Forks. (That should be a bumper sticker, just to confuse your fellow commuters.)

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Okay okay okay. Now I REALLY need your help. Which of the following travel stories would you most want to read?
- Taking the train across the country to Glacier National Park and not visiting the park
- Accidentally catching a bus to Forks, WA
- Driving through the night and happening upon Carhenge

Your choice will impact my career. Choose wisely, and boost this post!

We've been having a lot of discussion in the library about taking a more active role in campus diversity and inclusion. Doing a little environmental scan of other libraries' efforts, I came across this: cosmopolitan.com/college/a8587

Way to go, KU!

Second painting class tonight. Didn't get to complete it, but like where it's headed. Really enjoying being in a class again!

That's not Henry Morgan, by the way.

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"Why aren't millennials starting investment accounts and 401k accounts and buying houses and preparing in general like there will be a planet left in 50 years when they can start thinking about retiring while continuing to work until they drop dead at their desk?"

*gestures vaguely at the entire world*

I'm a parent of a millennial and a 14-year-old and I've been surrounded by college aged kids constantly since finishing college myself in the 90's. They give me a lot of hope for the future as it seems to me these generations are only improving with each year.

I appreciate Jeet Heer addressing the millennial backlash: newrepublic.com/article/144237

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#nowplaying Arcade Fire - Everything Now - Creature Comfort
#djharvey #anonradio //anonradio.net