This toot by @Gogogadgetpants reminded me that BookCrossing exists.

The BookCrossing site won’t load for me, but I wonder if it provides a way for people to get in touch and talk about the notes they’ve left. Hmmm.

@jason @Gogogadgetpants Works without the https://

Doesn't that say something about the security of the site?

@Gogogadgetpants this worked for me:

I think the most prevalent cross-reader communication would look like this:
- I read a book
- I release that book and add release notes on the site
- You find that book and register you’ve caught it
- You can see my release notes
- You read the book and add your own release notes

@jason This reminds me of the little neighborhood library box I used to live near! <3

@Gogogadgetpants I have A MILLION of those in my neighborhood. In fact, I was just talking with my friend about plans for replenishing some of them as I take my walks.

@jason My pup Nora and I are sorry to report that ours is mostly populated by Dan Brown and Chicken Soup. We were hoping for region specific gardening or field guides for birds. We were amused by coloring books and children's lit, though.

@Gogogadgetpants that's awful. Up here I've recently been finding DVDs! A neighbor has like three seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

@jason I shouldn't sniff at this stuff because somebody is probably really excited to borrow it, but I can't help feeling like maybe those were garage sale rejects that didn't make it all the way to Goodwill.

I was pretty broke at the time. Like, can't afford my library fines broke, but these days I could totally swing a book or two. Thanks for the reminder!

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