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I understand open invitations like the following aren’t effective, but know this is something available to you and your people:

If there’s anything weighing on you, and you can’t think of anyone to talk to about it, feel free to send me a Direct toot, and I’ll listen. We all need each other, and I’m ready to do my part.

(Pass it on.)

Wait. Apple really, non-ironically released a product called iPhone Excess?

And feeling flirty. I'm a little worried I'I'll walk to the casino next door and act on that impulse.

I have an urge to watch A River Runs Through It tonight.

Sometimes I find myself in a river town with historic charm whose heyday occurred sometime between 1889 and 1949 and I'm a little buzzed and the casino across the lot is probably the hope they're pinning their economic future on and it just won't work but I don't have the heart to tell them so instead I'll enjoy breakfast at the coffee shop with the bright-eyed, smiling baristas tomorrow morning and before that see what this Tinder message is all about.

I'm falling in love with everyone with a Southern accent down here. And the fluffy Corgi hanging out in the coffee shop.

Road tripping today to southern Indiana. For work. With my whole team. I'm actually pretty excited 😄

We've got snow showers here in Minneapolis today. It's getting real, folks.

My superpower is jointing a social networking and attracting the librarians in the place.

So-called ADD is a superpower if you can channel it. I found a career that lets me shift gears often, rewards me for noticing things out of the ordinary, and applauds the ability to drop everything to handle an emergency.

I don’t have a disorder. I’m the one you want watching over things while everyone else can sleep.

We suffer more in imagination than in reality - Seneca
It's never things that upset us, but our opinion about them that does.
Therefore, we are not lacking whatever we think we are lacking. It's only our opinion that we are deficient that's much worse than any potential deprivation.
We've got plenty. We are plenty!

I'm writing a new gag, and I need your help!

I'm working on a comedy piece which features a pair of Russian gangster stereotypes, and I'm looking for background music for their introduction.

I'm hoping for something instrumental, moody, and ideally under a creative commons license or in the public domain.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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If your fantasy comes pre-bottled, you should consider brewing your own.

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Couldn’t figure out why I’m in such a good mood today, then I realized I haven’t read any news yet.

@jason Walking is the cheapest form of therapy. It's amazing what a 20-30 minute walk can do for the soul.

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