The package graph is now rooted in a further reduced set of binary seeds, at about 60 MiB it weighs 25% of what it used to

How is your distro?

We closed the gap between Stage0 and Mes: the Full Source Bootstrap is near!

The package graph is now rooted in hex0, a #357-byte binary & ASCII-equivalent

Make your distro !



@fsf @conservancy @fsfe Mes 0.24 released, closing the gap with Stage0: the Full Source Bootstrap is here!

The @GuixHPC package graph is now rooted in hex0, a 357-byte binary & ASCII-equivalent


@fsf @conservancy @fsfe @nixos @NGIZero @reproducible_builds The progress of integrating this into @GuixHPC mainline can be monitored here:

Its status has been bumped to IMPORTANT.

On the , achaninja writes (

My recreation of the mescc bootstrap:

Let me know if you try it, it's not finished, but gets as far as master tcc. It trusts the host system a bit more in order to get some more flexibility.

@janneke Woohoo! Congrats! 🎉

It’s another impressive and pioneering achievement. You folks rock!

@janneke Actually, it’s more than impressive: it’s the grail. It’s what we were all hoping for some years ago without being sure we’d see it in our lifetime.

That pushes the boundaries of what we can expect (demand!) of our #SoftwareSupplyChain.

@janneke @civodul I'd love to see a more detailed description of this achievement on the #Guix blog!

@janneke @fsf @conservancy @fsfe @nixos @NGIZero @reproducible_builds

Most excellent!

I'll update mes in #Debian but we're going to have to come to consensus on the correct checksum again!

Looking forward to the new architecture support!

And of course a full source #bootstrap of #guix!

@fidel @fsf @conservancy @fsfe @nixos @NGIZero @reproducible_builds Thanks! Now let's get this merged in the Guix mainline and get it ported to other distros. NixOS anyone?


- AArch64
- amd64
- riscv32
- riscv64
- x86

Very cool. Is the intersection between these and what guix supports all of what guix supports?

@clacke The full source bootstrap is only supported for x86 (and x86_64 can also bootstrap off of that).

For arm, it builds up to glibc. and also RISCV64 in in progress.

What I got from that IRC log was

I've been hoping somebody would address the Linux dependency! Amazing!
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