The package graph is now rooted in a further reduced set of binary seeds, at about 60 MiB it weighs 25% of what it used to

How is your distro?

@janneke If I understand your post correctly, those are the only mandatory packages to start a minimal install of Guix?

@Sylvhem yes, although that's not how you'd usually do it; that would be tremendously tedious.

The Guix package dependency graph and package build is fully scripted; these are the only binary inputs to the system.

@janneke Can I ask a stupid question - does bootstrapping in this context mean installing a bare minimum binary set and then building the rest from source for verifiability or perf or whatever purposes?

@feoh Yes, that's the idea. Just like reproducible builds says: to create a verifyable path from source to binary; and I think that only makes real sense when we don't inject binary seeds.

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