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The package graph is now rooted in a further reduced set of binary seeds, at about 60 MiB it weighs 25% of what it used to

How is your distro?

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Very interesting overview over "Open Source in Africa" by Shedrack Akintayo:

The developer communities I'm part of ar mostly European and North American and it's really seldom I see developers from Africa.

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When I saw the “Open Letter to Apache #OpenOffice” by #LibreOffice developers, I felt for them:

Two days later, this “answer” suggests that #Apache is actively trying to harm the development of a free “office suite”:


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I worked a bit on my #guile netlink implementation yesterday and added the RTM_*ADDR types for rtnetlink. This was enough for me to write some code that adds an IP address (v4 or v6) to an interface! The goal is to use it to replace the current static-networking-service-type in #guix as it currently only supports ipv4. You can find the code here:

and I have a manual at

"Childhurds and GNU/Hurd substitutes":

We (@janneke, @civodul, @mothacehe) talk about support for the /#Hurd OS in , how it benefits from whole system cross-compilation, and what it means for @ReproBuilds and .

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Hey look, the guide that Joshua Branson and I wrote about how to run Guix on a Linode server is up on the Guix blog!

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Actually made it through a pretty big refactor of how the Guix Data Service handles database connections for HTTP requests:

There should be less chance of the server being slow handling requests now, and some requests should even be faster due to extra parallelism.

I'm pretty sure I must have broken something somewhere though...

The first /Hurd substitutes for are available; get ready starting your Childhurd and build hello!

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I've been playing with childhurds in #Guix (👍 @janneke!) but of course, I'd only test it in 'guix system vm'.

So we have #GNU #Hurd in a box, in #Guix in a box, on top of #Guix System. Turtles all the way down...

(Pictured: vncviewer and SSH client connected to the #childhurd.)

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#Guix ‘--with-input’, ‘--with-branch’, ‘--with-grafts’, etc. to apply recursively even to implicit inputs:

It was surprisingly difficult to pull this one off!

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Look what I have. Thanks to guix devs I can use gnu hurd in virtual machine that starts with my system.

See hurd-vm-service-type

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Nature reports on the ReScience Ten Years #Reproducibility Challenge:

Now, when speaking about #GNU #Guix, you can say: “as seen in Nature.”

#reproducible #research

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The Call for Proposals for EmacsConf 2020 is now open! Go check it out and come hang out with us on #emacsconf on freenode.
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I don't think we lack technical solutions

We lack the culture

We don't need to implement stuff

We need to talk and think more

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@wizzwizz4 @codesections This description is correct.

You may be interested in the work being done in GNU Mes and Guix, which does bootstrap GCC, among most other things; here's a recent blog post by @janneke

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DistroTube posted a nice review of #GNU #Guix System covering system installation, booting into #Xfce, package installation, and rollback.

The darker part of it is the terrible bandwidth causing every operation to take ages.

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\o/ First step of the integration of my #maven-build-system into #guix done. I now install maven and its dependencies in a maven repository. Next steps are adding the basic maven plugins, and the maven-build-system itself, then I'll send all these patches for review :)

My current work is available on this branch:

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Nice short (~16m) talk on build system security – trusting trust attacks, reproducible builds & bootstrappable builds.

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@cwebber @janneke I also liked @mala's comment on HN about how Guix brings the GNU system together:

Everyone in and around Guix is doing amazing work, and I'm proud of that.

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