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Good morning, Tootie-buddies!
Here are some good kitties to help you have an awesome day

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In my seemingly never-ending quest to test all the recipes in my 2017 draft cookbook, I discovered an entire section of recipes that consist of just the headings.

Like, no ingredients, no instructions. So yay, more words? Probably makes up for all the verbose stuff I've been deleting.

In other news, this evening I made Tortilla Casserole for dinner, and if I get my paperwork done and bills paid, I will test one or two dessert recipes.

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Boosting this again because I just paid for this semester's classes and I'm low on cash right now!!
If you're interested, contact me at!!
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One annoyance is trying to talk about something in depth while people pester you to “prove” the basics. Like, no. I don’t need to back up and teach you arithmetic if I wanna talk algebra. I don’t.

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total lunar eclipse this saturday night!!! visible for all of north and south america and some of europe:

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boost this toot and ill choose a monster from the 1st edition monster manual that i think exemplifies you

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the saddest thing to me is when other trans guys bully and condition themselves until they've learned to act exactly like cis men.

We get screwed over in so many aspects because we're trans and yet we're throwing away one of our few virtues: being socialized from birth to be empathetic and compassionate toward others. "but its feminine!" my dudes if kindness and genuine connection to others is unequivocally feminine (which it isnt) i never want to be masculine. And being feminine doesn't make you less of a man anyway.

Don't drink the cis masculinity koolaid my dudes. Stay gold trans boy.

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