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Good morning, Tootie-buddies!
Here are some good kitties to help you have an awesome day

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Guys I’m literally starving. Please help. my paypal: paypal.me/JourneiG

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My peertube hosting fell through and I am looking for someone who can host/work with me on it. Basically, I need a masto.host but for Peertube. :llama:

Now I want to make Snacks of Catan with Annies hexagonal crackers for the next game night

In other news, we played Settlers of Catan last night, so much fun

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20,000 pounds (GB) = $26573 (US), beer mention Show more

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If anyone got any good resources on how to organise a hackerspace that would be cool

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@tcql @amphetamine i'm all for bimodal sleep with plenty of naps in between

this way, morning is less dreaded, cuz it's just a temporary break for sleeping / naps.

Anyway, please consider joining my political party: glitch.social/media/cneNSdH0KR

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Henry George wrote _Progress and Poverty_ in San Francisco, pawning all his belongings to cover the cost of the plates because no one would publish it, recognizing exactly the same problems that we see in San Francisco today. And he identifies the remedy (property tax, in particular tax on land valuable by virtue of location), the very remedy that wealthy voters have explicitly excluded from California with Proposition 13.

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2018: begging your parents to stop watching so much TV because it rots their brains / not to believe everything they read on the internet

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can anyone tell me a place to buy pride (especially trans) flags where as much money as possible goes to trans people?

(i'm pretty sure someone posted about this but i can't find it)

(feel free to boost :blobnom_trans: )