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Excuse me, Tootie-buddies. I have to go lie down in bed so as to make it easier for my cats to walk all over me. Good night, and pleasant dreams

Good morning, tootie buddies. Have an awesome day!

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and it looks like the rain is holding off, so in we go!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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Good morning, tootie-buddies!

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Since it’s day in the US, I figured I’d share this apt quote about .

Good night, my tootie-buddies! Dream sweet dreams of smashing the patriarchy! ❤️

Good morning, Tootiee-buddies! I can't tell you how amazing you all are, especially those of you with suggestions and encouragement. Thank you so much 💗

So far I've:

1) read a bit about coops (thanks, @tbeckett)

2) sent an email to blackstar.coop (thanks, @edebill

3) gotten past my bitterness enough to remember that I am a member of a coop, where we buy food ukiahcoop.com

Thank you everyone for replying and boosting and in general being empathetic and encouraging.

Here's the Santa Rosa Press Democrat's lukewarm take on the closure of the Mendocino Brewing Company and its tap room:


Rather disappointingly, the article does not explore how large the owner has been living while a fugitive from justice.


I am currently drinking one of the world's last Blue Heron pale ales

Hey, so my husband got his lay-off notice today. He was the brewer at Mendocino Brewing Company.

Do any of you socialists know how to put together a worker's coop? Because it is absolutely ridiculous that the brewery is standing on one side of a locked door, and everyone who knows how to brew and bottle beer is on the other.