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Good morning, Tootie-buddies!
Here are some good kitties to help you have an awesome day

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75 percent of you were right, sorry to report

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Which of these will I forget/neglect to do today?

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Just found out via Nextdoor that my neighbors do not appreciate me walking out of my house and screaming “WHY ARE YOU SO HORNY. STOP IT.” at birds every morning.

sleeping is a weird thing, and I want to try some of it

Poll or today's to-do list

Should I clean the place we're moving

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Good night, Tootie-buddies, and pleasant dreams

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The myth that artists have to “suffer” in order to create great work comes largely from the perennial human fascination with disaster porn, with a soupçon of militant Puritanism thrown in.

And it pisses me off.

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shower thought: the employment market is designed to induce anxiety in job seekers so that they settle for less.

If job seekers were more confident in themselves and not rushing to get the first avaliable position there would be a lot more pressure on businesses to create more sustainable roles.

we should really start practicing vocalizing out experiences in the job market if nothing else so that we can take care of each other when we are feeling anxious and panicked.

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