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Good morning, Tootie-buddies!
Here are some good kitties to help you have an awesome day

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UPDATE: Apparently he's recovering and mainly being treated for parasites and obviously he's still pretty skinny but they say he's able to climb the walls of his enclosure and is due to be released in a few weeks.

Good morning, Tootie-Buddies!

It's nearly half-past October, and is right around the corner!

Sure, we could argue all day about whether a 30-day 50,000 word writing challenge is appropriate during a month when we're trying to complete hand-crafted items to give as gifts instead of store-bought stuff bought at the last minute and destined for the landfill!

But I digress, which is good practice for ! All words count even digressions destined for the digital landfill!

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hey yall, if you’re looking for ways to help after the hurricane, here are a couple things to note:
-sending cash doesn’t feel as good as sending stuff, but it’s actually much more effective
-local grassroots organizations have a better sense of the needs of communities than big NGOs
-before giving to a new charity, check their score on Charity Navigator
-the Red Cross is trash

your friendly neighborhood nonprofit worker

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Please boost if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

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I need everyone in tech and especially in tech media to stop misleadingly and credulously calling machine learning technology "AI". Nobody has invented AI. Nothing on the market is AI. Not Siri, not Watson, not anything. It does not exist.

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I'd really like to open a window in here to get it cold enough to sleep, but my cat looks so cozy and now I'm conflicted

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So. I moderate the Suppressed Transmission G+ group. We focus on positing articles about more or less real world events and commenting on how they could inspire a roleplaying game.

Does anyone want to suggest alternatives? Threaded interface would be best. Full-text searchable would be best (so you can find that article you saw six months ago you half-remember). Previews of the article would be good. #roleplaying #googleplus

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