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jangles­čĺí @jangles

I always though putting 2 spaces after a full stop marked your age. Apparently not, says @mcdermott melmagazine.com/for-the-love-o via @wearemel

Installed Tooter extension for Chrome, config'd to tweet and toot simultaneously if I wish to octodon.social/media/wVs7cukws

I just installed Tooter, a browser extension for adding Toot to Mastodon buttons to the web github.com/ineffyble/tooter

I just installed Tooter, a browser extension for adding Toot to Mastodon buttons to the web github.com/ineffyble/tooter

@DaveHiggins thanks, Dave, that's worth checking out

Has anyone developed a share button and code that you can include on a blog post to share a link to a Mastodon instance? A la Twitter.

I like Bloomberg's name for it's climate change Twitter handle: Climate Changed @climate octodon.social/media/DeLfOyc0u

Seeing all the Japanese-language content in the fed timeline, missing the auto-translate feature in Twitter...

@emdeesee clickbait headline ­čśä

"Is Mastodon the new social media star, or imploding black hole?" zdnet.com/article/is-mastodon- < this article makes a great case for why brands should *not* be (allowed) on Mastodon.

Now that a general election has been called in the UK for June 8, I'm going to ignore (if I can) as much opinion as I can, across all media, until about May 8. By that time, I estimate, all the bs and uninformed crap being spouted will have died down sufficiently to pay attention to worthwhile informed opinion.

"This tool temporarily mutes Twitter accounts of anyone who uses words you're sick of" lifehacker.com/this-tool-tempo < could be handy! #UX

Now thinking about bells and whistles. If Twitter = 100 in that regard, then Mastodon (or specifically Octodon.social) is about 30 to me. And that's good!

Thinking about other instances. I registered another account on another instance yet as an individual tooter, I can't really see a need. I don't have an inclination to spend lots of time to-ing and fro-ing between account instances.

A pretty quiet offline Easter so far. Blog maintenance with a new theme coming. Some server issues to address with the help of the hosting wizards, and that's about it. Usual service tomorrow :)

"There's an instance for everyone in the rapidly expanding Mastodon fediverse" mashable.com/2017/04/15/mastod < good report on Mashable

Experimenting a bit, set up another Mastodon presence at freeradical.zone/@jangles Not sure yet what I'll do there but I'm interested in learning how different Mastodon instances are, what sort of communities develop. Thinking especially of @Chris idea of hyper local

A bit random at this moment here on Octodon.social... octodon.social/media/n_Gfc5G-k