I'm wondering if, no matter the global usage and interests of many, Twitter is actually a specifically American phenomenon. It looks like that to me given the narratives in most media, mainstream and social and no matter the political flavour, eg: twitter.com/Techmeme/status/15

The @WSJ has a detailed assessment yesterday of what's behind Musk's move to bid for Twitter. One call-out: "If Mr. Musk, as he has signaled, moves toward a true Twitter free-for-all, it could unleash other even more schismatic personalities" from the Extreme Right in America. And I saw that Trump is back 'tweeting' (or 'truthing' as he would say) on his own new social network. Not good omens wsj.com/articles/the-shadow-cr

Hello again! I was last here in 2017, I think, time to get re-acquainted.

Hello again Octodon/Mastodon, it's been a while! Wondering who's new here and migrating from Facebook?

This Oddly Satisfying Short Film Shows Trapped In Never-Ending Cycles Of on.digg.com/2t7ncQK via @Digg

Donuts delivered via is the future we all imagined tnw.to/2rVN1FA via @thenextweb 😋

Global computer outage grounds British Airways flights ft.com/content/de12aa5a-42cf-1 via @FT < BA says "no evidence that it’s a

The inevitable rise of the @CNNI cnn.it/2qGRU41 < Dubai Police introducing a robot cop: "Citizens can report crimes to it and kick-start real-life human investigations. Weighing 220 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches high, the two armed, wheel-based service robot can speak nine languages out of the box and is highly customizable, say its creators." octodon.social/media/8f0srHbcG

Seeing no avatars or images other than emoji in user names or in toots. Maybe stating the blindingly obvious to everyone else but scrolling back through timelines, I can't see any toots about this. Just a local issue?

“The Shattering Truth of 3D-Printed Clothing” by @RoniShayne backchannel.com/the-shattering < it's never going to be a thing

45 Essential Podcasts To Transform Your Commute esquire.co.uk/culture/news/a55 via @EsquireUK < some really good podcasts in this list

Pay your respects to dead tech companies at the Startup Graveyard tnw.to/2pShFhe via @thenextweb

Of course, no sooner do I write 'Twitter is down' than now it's working just fine...

Looks like Twitter is down in the UK right now - getting timeout errors downrightnow.com/twitter

A colleague is asking me what PR should do with #Mastodon. Hm, I think understanding the principles of M is a first step. This should lead to the insight that branding, corporate communications or marketing are misplaced here. Would this answer be reasonable?

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