Friday today. Ergo, date night.
I hate date nights. I'd rather stay at home and binge-watch Doctor Who.
But if I didn't go, I would end up with a very pissed girlfriend. And that would lead to me not being able to binge-watch Doctor Who this weekend.
So, date night it is...

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Sail away,Sail away,Sail away
From Bissau to Pilau in the shade of Avalon,
From Fiji to Tiree and the Isles of Ebony,
From Peru to Cebu hear the power of Babylon,

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#草莓邮局 草莓县防空洞鹿站发生踩踏事故,目前正在紧急抢修中Σ(´∀`;)

阿鲁表情难道不值得注册一个号吗!话说可以狡兔三窟嘛,鹿站一个号,鼠站一个号,趴窝一个号,邦站一个号……嗯,我现在大概已经七八窟吧…… :doge:

流亡的草莓县民纷纷散落在各个实例 :blobpeek:

Okay, so here comes the

Hi, I'm Jess. Being a social introvert I actually have a lot of social media accounts. Call me insecure or paranoid or whatever you want, I just like to have hideouts for myself. So here's another one for me.
This is a shitty introduction and I know it. So I'll just leave it here then.

Another hideout for me. 总之先在各实例里都申请小号好了……


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