Friday today. Ergo, date night.
I hate date nights. I'd rather stay at home and binge-watch Doctor Who.
But if I didn't go, I would end up with a very pissed girlfriend. And that would lead to me not being able to binge-watch Doctor Who this weekend.
So, date night it is...

阿鲁表情难道不值得注册一个号吗!话说可以狡兔三窟嘛,鹿站一个号,鼠站一个号,趴窝一个号,邦站一个号……嗯,我现在大概已经七八窟吧…… :doge:

流亡的草莓县民纷纷散落在各个实例 :blobpeek:

Okay, so here comes the

Hi, I'm Jess. Being a social introvert I actually have a lot of social media accounts. Call me insecure or paranoid or whatever you want, I just like to have hideouts for myself. So here's another one for me.
This is a shitty introduction and I know it. So I'll just leave it here then.

Another hideout for me. 总之先在各实例里都申请小号好了……


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