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Mark Bowden ("Black Hawk Down") also has a good explainer in The Atlantic about the various policy options the U.S. government has for dealing with North Korea: theatlantic.com/magazine/archi

(Spoiler alert: none of them are good.)

Today's North Korea news got you searching for a quick explainer on what's at stake there and why? You're in luck, I just wrote one a few weeks ago:


"As a long-time champion of free speech, I was shocked and appalled on Monday to discover that I’d been let go from my job at Linens ’n Things, simply because some of my so-called co-workers were 'offended' by the lengthy manifesto I posted in the breakroom explaining my plan to exile them all to a system of prisons on the dark side of the moon."


A PERSON WHO IS UNDENIABLY SMART, I MEAN THEY WENT TO HARVARD AND EVERYTHING: Why are my co-workers so intolerant of my belief that they are unworthy subhumans

"Staff at the US Department of Agriculture have been told to avoid using the term climate change in their work, with the officials instructed to reference 'weather extremes' instead....

"The primary cause of climate change is also targeted, with the term 'reduce greenhouse gases' blacklisted in favor of 'build soil organic matter.'"


"Hackers of US television network HBO have released personal phone numbers of Game of Thrones actors, emails and scripts in the latest dump of data stolen from the company, and are demanding a multimillion-dollar ransom to prevent the release of whole TV shows and further emails."


send me a picture of your PC tower case and i will tell you if you are a Bad Gamer or not

a Mastodon instance where the server adds "AS FORETOLD IN PROPHECY" to the end of random toots

What bothers me about the misogynistic googler screed is the reactions of people that seem to think it isn't wholly bad. That this idea of 'idealogical diversity' is worthy of further study.

Because in context of the screed it is the paradox of tolerance repackaged. A plea for the tolerant to tolerate intolerance. tx0.org/eb


Looks like a wargame, but plays like a puzzle game. Choreograph the intricate dance of airplanes on an aircraft carrier's flight deck. Incoming threats demand launching planes in response; when planes come back they need room to land and park; damaged planes need routing below decks for repair. Challenging without becoming overwhelming. A fun, quick game.

Platforms: PC, iPad
Cost: $10
Recommended? Yes


Tired: "Soldier Girl" by the Polyphonic Spree
Wired: "My Kind of Soldier" by Guided by Voices

I would probably enjoy watching Game of Thrones more if it wasn't so unbelievably stupid

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There's ~7 days left until a very important event we're holding and I'm supposed to be working on a big poster with the agenda on it but


Not thrilled with how both Facebook and Twitter have expanded their concept of notifications to include "stuff that has nothing to do with you but we thought you might like anyway"