Your password must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one forgotten rune, and one unspeakable horror


I think you are forgetting that Unicode is affront to God!

He confounded our speech for a purpose!

@jalefkowit @feonixrift and then dev gets mad when you test against those requirements 😂

Alasdair Beckett-King has a funny bit on passwords.

Forgetting Your Password in the Olden Times™

[🖼 Image/photo]

A short documentary about the Middle Ages. Subscribe and/or support me on Kofi, so I can replace that tooth:

@jalefkowit And... you only find this out after entering a great yet invalid alternative key!

@jalefkowit I keep donating in hopes of it moving from electron, but I'm still not sorry I moved (slowly and painfully) away from Zim.

@jalefkowit I always thought the password *is* the unspeakable horror. :P


And when you're forced to change it in 60 days, add an '!'. 😂

@jalefkowit Error. This password is already used by starboy98. Try another.

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