I cannot emphasize this strongly enough: the entire run of THE PRISONER is free to watch now on YouTube, so if you have never seen THE PRISONER, you need to drop whatever useless bullshit you are doing and use that time to watch THE PRISONER

@jalefkowit my dad loves this show so much that when I was 13 or 14 we went on a trip to wales basically so he could see the weird fake town where they filmed it

@jalefkowit I mean, maybe ignore the last ep and treat the really good penultimate ep as the last one.

@jalefkowit If you are in Germany, that link brings you to the German audio version and you have to pay to watch.

@jalefkowit In the US it's "free with ads" and refused to play when I used my mobile ad blocker app

@jalefkowit yessss I somehow discovered it when I was like 15 and spent most of my life convinced it was a fever dream because no one else had heard about it

@jalefkowit The link you share gives an error about what's being looked for not being there. Try this link. It's a playlist of all 17 episodes plus a behind the scenes thing.

@jalefkowit “The requested show or season is not available”

Also, whatever order they show it in, it's the wrong order. "Six of One", the official appreciation society, has existed since 1977 essentially just to bicker about this.

@ElHadjiMurad @jalefkowit Wow that tree has got a LOT bigger since I was … Oh. That was 20 years ago.

@jalefkowit That was a superb series. I have it as a DVD boxed set -- it's well worth having.

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