Can’t believe I spent four years studying political science just to live in a world where this qualifies as Discourse

Can we just have one actual Idea, please. As a treat

Neal Stephenson wrote in 1999 that the major project of all culture post-World War II had been to neuter ideology, since taking ideology seriously was what had turned the 20th century into a Saw movie


So what would he say about the first part of this thread? Where even a wholly-for-profit franchise meant to appeal to the masses is dividing into warring factions?


@SnerkRabbledauber I don't know what he'd say, but I think it fits his thesis pretty well. When both your political factions think "politics" means brandishing children's movies at each other, they have both been nerfed pretty effectively. Their ideologies have become divorced from any actual real-world policy demands. They're just fandom in a different hat.

It reminds me a bit of politics in the Byzantine Empire, to be honest. Obviously, with an all-powerful emperor, political factions could not be allowed to organize around anything important. So instead they organized around which chariot racing team they rooted for.

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I think of the Nika riots every time K-State beats KU.

I agree that is where the meme is trying to take things, but I also do think there are solid and important policy changes attached to being "Woke". So it might actually be more a case of someone lashing out with the only tools they have available. I would have to see a "woke" person getting upset about it before I agreed otherwise. As a woke, or at least stirring person myself, I am unmoved either way by minions.

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