Dear Justice Department, Microsoft should not be allowed to do this

@jalefkowit Everytime I see this I think "didn't Opera sue Microsoft over this just a few years ago?"

I think the same thing when Android forcibly opens things in Chrome instead of Firefox

@jalefkowit it is a search menu popup, just swap the start+search menu combo with something like StartAllBack and you're good. remember, their recommended settings are "use Bing as your search engine", and you can ONLY use Bing in sidebar search

@jalefkowit i have completely removed Bing from my search engines list, yet Edge still lets me sidebar-search with only Bing in mind.

@jalefkowit also, edge implies that Bing is better than any other reasonable search engine and gives its users three upsides: "InPrivate search" that will do opposite of stated and collect data on you even in InPrivate; "Microsoft Rewards" that outright does not work in my region and "Corporative search" which is useless because Google does that better by default.

@jalefkowit The only times MS does something good is if they are forced to.

This goes for apple as well. Back when I used macs, I said that apple was doing the right thing then it came to desktop computing because they have to. If they get in any form of monopoly position, they'll be just as bad as MS.

This is one of those cases where I was 100% correct and I wish I had been wrong.

@jalefkowit What is the particular reason to be using any flavor of Chrome other than the one that comes with the OS? They're practically all the same anyway. And since none of them are competing for money, except for advertisement dollars from search engine integration, I don't see any particular reason to favor one over the other. Sure, Microsoft defaults you to Bing, and may or may not have a nag notice if you switch defaults, but it mostly obeys settings changes. Yes, it's annoying. Yes, they should probably get rid of the nags.

If you're using Firefox instead, that's kind of annoying, since that's the last bastion of unique browser engines. For now, that is. And even that has paid search engine integrations that support its development.

I'm on macOS most of the time these days, so I'm using Safari, unless I happen to be using Stadia, or anything really that requires a Chrome browser, in which case I'd be running the latest stable version of Edge, which is compatible with Chrome, and mostly keeps up with the Chrome development process.

macOS doesn't nag you about the default browser unless you actually run Safari again after switching the default to something else, in which case Safari asks you to reset the default back to Safari, on every launch, in the main window that opens after you launch it. But they don't have a supermajority on OS usage like Microsoft does, so I guess it's sort of fair for them to do this, for now.

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