Occasionally I open the birbsite app to see what’s happening over there, and every single time it is like putting your head into a bucket full of screams

@jalefkowit I have found a much better experience on the birdsite by reducing my follows to only small accounts, blocking the high-follower fascists, and muting keywords I don't want to hear about. Really just focusing on interacting with known cool people.

Logging onto Reddit, on the other hand, is like stumbling onto a KKK cross burning, and finding half your co-workers in attendance.

@jalefkowit People are indeed pretty angry over there and I don't get why.

@loveisgrief @jalefkowit

Anger is the point on Twitter; it's how activists, marketers, academics, journalists, diplomats, CEOs and heads of state keep score on how well they're achieving their organization's Mass Communication objectives. In many cases, professional paychecks and careers depend on follower count.

Twitter is Rotten Tomatoes / Metacritic, for news, humanities and global governance. And everyone's stack-ranked.

@jalefkowit To a certain extent this is fine, if you want to scream too. The trick is to follow folks who want to scream about the same things you do…

@jalefkowit I just mainly see pictures of flowers and birds and insects- esp bees, when I am

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