Every consumer VPN service's marketing pitch is "don't trust your ISP! Trust me, a person you've never heard of who lives completely outside your legal jurisdiction"

@jalefkowit My ISP reported my crimes, so I didn't need telling not to trust them tbh.

(I also regularly work with consumer VPNs, for my sins, and *fucking hell* there are whole levels of shadiness in several cases.)

@jalefkowit My ISP is a community-owned coop with strong privacy policies and no-sharing provisions. I VPN back into my home if I need to use a VPN.

@smeg @jalefkowit

Same. They also provide exit points outside the 5eyes.

If I lived in the US I don't think I'd use the internet that much if VPN's to bounce out of there weren't available. I'd even rather use TOR than surf unprotected in the land of Room 641a.

I'm surprised anyone would trust the NSA over literally any random person.

@jalefkowit being completely outside your legal jurisdiction is a selling point most of the time

@CobaltVelvet It depends on your threat model, I would argue. But for some cases, definitely


And in certain countries that's a very strong and valid pitch.

I feel attacked as someone who works at consumer vpn service. 😀
Seriously though I selfhost my vpn for personal uses. Even knowing that there is a strict no logs policy and everything.

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