There was a time when people like me referred to content tagging as “folksonomy,” in case you were wondering how far up our own asses we used to be


“You can see there’s a tag ‘to_read’. A professional cataloguer would look at this tag in horror—‘This is context-dependent and temporary.’ Well, so was the category ‘East Germany’ (Shirky 2005).

@jalefkowit I still sometimes doo, though mostly in context as a reference like this.

@jalefkowit I had forgotten that term. Just brought back some weird #Drupal memories.

@jalefkowit aw man I couldn't even finish ... _Many Little Pieces_? Some actual published book on how the web was totally different -- because of pro-folksonomy sneering at librarians and, iirc, going _on and on_ about the difference between a topology and a metric without doing anything to look into occurrences before, mm, 1975. Maybe 1985. (Maybe 1995!)

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