Web development in 2022 is 5% actual web development and 95% wrestling with npm and webpack

I cannot overemphasize what a pain the universal adoption of webpack has been for me personally. Webpack is designed to make things I never do very easy, and as a consequence, makes the things I actually need to do insanely hard

“I just want to output my CSS separately from my JS” welcome to hell, filthy sinner

@jalefkowit I went through the same struggle when moving to Rails 6, and in the end just went with the hive mind rather than swimming against the current.

@jalefkowit @Stewart Ten+ years ago I started my current job and was given the choice of continuing web development or starting from zero on Android. I chose the one that wasn't web development, and every time I read something like this I feel like a genius.

@jalefkowit sorry for the unsolicited advice but, try parcel instead of webpack. It does pretty much everything without a line of config

@oiyouyeahyou I did try Parcel. It was pretty nice!

Unfortunately most projects have gravitated to Webpack these days, so unless you're starting from a completely clean sheet of paper you're probably gonna end up having to deal with Webpack.

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