For years, I was in the top 50 users by karma on Hacker News.

That ended in 2020, when I complained about how silent the site was being on the murder of George Floyd. The result was a pile of angry messages telling me that it was "just a tech site" and its operators should "keep politics out of it."

When a community tells you who they are, believe them.

@jalefkowit I thought there was a limit on how much karma you can lose on HN from downvotes


@84b08ef8 I told them to delete my account (which it turns out they can't actually do, but they can hide it).

I voluntarily burned all my karma.

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@jalefkowit I think that the consensus has changed (at least a little) seeing the Roe v Wade discussions. HN is now a place for politics and it seems to me to be fairly liberal (US scale, not European)

@84b08ef8 In my experience, the site got more welcoming to political content the closer the issue was to one that would affect the "typical" programmer (e.g. college educated, well paid, male, white).

Women are still under-represented in tech, but male programmers have wives, girlfriends, sisters, etc., and abortion is an issue that crosses income lines, so Roe is an issue they are more likely to be sensitive to.

Floyd was poor and black, so they cared much less.

@84b08ef8 (Though I will cheerfully note that I've been away from there for 2+ years now, it's possible things I have changed for the better. I sincerely hope they have.)

@jalefkowit @84b08ef8 Things have not gotten much better I'm afraid. Still very (Bay area) techno-libertarian, basically concerned with Haskell and why SlateStarCodex peaked in 2014.

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