MARKETING: Our product leverages a highly available, globally distributed storage platform with built-in redundancy, granular access control and detailed audit trails

ENGINEERING: We created an S3 bucket


AUDIT: as the detailed audit trails show, the S3 bucket was left publicly available; no use was made of granular access control.


HR: Mr Pobody has informed us that he has been repeatedly blamed for other people's failures. We assess that at this juncture Mr Pobody might be inclined to bring legal action, and that such a legal action might succeed. In the interest of protecting the Company from such a legal action, we kindly request that Engineering clears any statements, internal or external, relating to Mr Pobody, with HR before issuing them.

@jalefkowit You need to think outside the box, friend. Realize the urgent need to democratize access and go implement an entirely new, green field, ground-up decentralized technology stack, probably in haskel or scala or some other unsupportable garbage language. Only then can you even think about challenging the big boys in audit log technology.

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