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Jason Lefkowitz @jalefkowit@octodon.social

when will health insurance finally cover taco bell

Guess who just got dumped?


That's it, people. Mark this date on your calendar. We have officially reached peak Hacker News octodon.social/media/srXf5dbNK

I'm trying to think about how to come up with a decentralised emojo system

So I guess today I need to put more work into organising this #AndMyAxe thing.

So yeah, if any of you are interested in joining a group dedicated to cooperatively making open source stuff (hardware, software, writing, art, whatever) check it out. We are just starting so there is almost nothing there at the moment but I will be working on that throughout the day and if you want to help build this than that would be awesome.


I didn't know her. Natalie. And perhaps I don't know you. Or you, me. But we all seem tied together in some beautiful, strange way.

Because somehow I feel her loss. And it hurts me too.

“A splash screen is a gravestone commemorating the death of an app's performance.” jakearchibald.com/2017/netflix

One of my favorite idioms is Polish, and basically means "this is none of my business, so I'm staying out of it": "nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy", translated as "not my circus, not my monkeys".

All this time the new Stranger Things has been out and nobody thought to call @gargron The Demogargron

What can I do to spread word about Mastodon even further?

Does anyone want to start an orginisation that just brings people together online to make small specialised apps? Like desklet things for Ubuntu/Mint and stuff like that.

The purpose would be to give an easy opening into open source projects and to put people in contact with each other. We have lots of developers and lots of artists and writers and stuff.

Also I am annoyed with the world and want to do something.

if octodon.social is your oasis in the midst of today’s harsh digital landscape Show more

"Judge Rhonda Loo ordered Daren Young on Friday to write 144 compliments about his ex-girlfriend, in response to the 144 'nasty' text messages and calls that he is accused of sending her.

Loo told Young he is not allowed to repeat words when writing a 'nice thing' for every 'nasty thing' he said."


One of these product names is not like the others

my Linus Torvalds impression: what the frick!!!! this code stinks you big doo doo butthead!!!! im 47 heckin years old and people still revere my verbally abusive bull shit for some reason. fuck me

"Heart of Texas, a Russian-controlled Facebook group that promoted Texas secession, announced a rally on May 21, 2016 to 'Stop Islamification of Texas.'

A separate Russian-sponsored group advertised a 'Save Islamic Knowledge' rally for the same place and time.

Protesters showed up in downtown Houston. Interactions between the two groups eventually escalated into confrontation.

Russians managed to pit Texans against each other for the bargain price of $200."


You can't make this shit up, i got a recruiter e-mail from facebook :thaenkin:

adult: how come so many teens are depressed????

teens: well school is hell and society is shit and the world is dying and things like that

adults: it's the internet isn't it