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Lansford W. Hastings (1819-1870), an early white settler of what would become the state of California.

Hastings dreamed of detaching California from Mexico and establishing it as an independent country, with himself at its head. To encourage more white settlement he wrote a book, "The Emigrants' Guide to Oregon and California," which would become infamous as the guide whose instructions led the ill-fated Donner Party to its doom.


Is 7:57AM too early in the day to start drinking?

(Asking for a friend)

In my studio I have a rigging point in the ceiling, from which I can hang all manner of equipment.

Since I mostly work with athletes and performers, it's really nice to be able to rig lyra, silks, corde, straps etc.

This is Sam on the silks.

#photography #circus #aerials #aerialsilks #strongwomen

Hi. Yes, I'm the one who recommended you host with Rackspace. Please put down the machete

General reminder:

Cats would eat you if they were bigger

Dogs could eat you but don't

@CobaltVelvet speed makes you feel like you can do anything

cocaine makes you feel like you can do EVERYTHING

tfw you wake up because your phone is going crazy and it turns out every load balancer Rackspace has in the world has gone offline

@CobaltVelvet I spent a lot of time with similar worries when I originally went into business for myself. What if my clients fire me? What if I screw up something big and wreck my reputation? What if I can't pay my taxes at the end of the year? Etc.

The only thing that saved me from an ulcer was deciding only to worry about those things if and when they actually happened. Which they never did.

It turned out the fear of the things was much worse than the things themselves.

How can I express my love for video in the least video-like way possible


Don't worry, it's really easy to set up. Just have to 2-factor your pgp key through your dcc server's ssh and hanshake sync your ostatus auth after compiling the apk from github's federated kitbash rss openruby ping bitread snk ngpc rom distro and PRESTO, now Suckerberg can't send the Kremlin a receipt of that one "test" you send to yourself

Just do that and we'll all have communism. Couldn't be simpler

@davidpgil Eh, never assume - Mastodon is new enough that you will probably get some hassle from them in terms of providing direct support for it.

Never hurts to ask though! And if you can narrow down the problem to just one piece of the stack, it'll be easier -- e.g. "help me install Mastodon" will be less likely to get a good answer than "why isn't my nginx able to serve a static HTML file".

@davidpgil Hard to say without knowing more about your specific setup, sorry. Your host is probably the best place to turn.

Some general things to check:

* Is nginx actually running? (sudo service nginx restart)

* Can nginx serve a plain old static HTML file? (i.e. maybe the problem is with Mastodon or Ruby or some other thing, not nginx)

* Are there any relevant error messages in nginx's error log?

* Does your server have a firewall blocking the port nginx uses?

@davidpgil Look for the various places "example.com" appears in the listed nginx config, you'll need to replace that with your own domain.

And there may be additional steps needed to tell your hosting co. to route requests for that domain to this particular server/instance/droplet/whatever, if you're not already running services for it there. Those will vary from host to host.

@davidpgil There's a decent how-to for setting up nginx + Mastodon on a variety of popular OSes here: github.com/tootsuite/documenta

(Note that it assumes you have root access to your hosting platform -- e.g. the power to install software and change configuration files. If you're on shared hosting you won't have that. But if you're on shared hosting you won't have the resources to run Mastodon anyway)

I really hate the "we shouldn't care about political/social beliefs, the only thing that matters in our community is your technical ability/history of contributions/intelligence" attitude.

In my experience with online FOSS communities, this never works out well. These policies always result in marginalized people being forced into leaving the community, one way or another. Technical expertise is almost always replaceable, but community members who are welcoming & helpful are indispensible