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Jason Lefkowitz πŸ‘» @jalefkowit@octodon.social

All the little Harveys: jasonlefkowitz.net/2017/10/all

"The problem isn’t one rich, powerful man using his money and power to abuse women for his own gratification. The problem is that there are lots of men doing that."

(I wrote this.)

What better way to communicate the horror of being pawed at by a sweaty wad of cookie dough in a cheap suit that could end your career in an instant if you object than with a f$& CHART


Yes, that must be it, congratulations you have definitely figured out how television works octodon.social/media/sEgU2gJZ_

I asked Alexa to "play some old-school gangsta sheeeeeet" and she played The Humpty Dance.

We have nothing to fear from AI

Is it too late for me to become a mountain man

Is there a way to tell GNOME 3 to display the time on a monitor other than the primary one?

Update to Ubuntu 17.10 complete on main workstation.

Unity had the window close button over in the upper left corner of the window. GNOME 3 (which is now the standard Ubuntu environment, as of 17.10) has it in the upper RIGHT.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkk eeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrryyyyyything


We're a poor country, all our infrastructure is on fire and all our people are starving, omg help



Create a super-powerful, untouchable class of Investment Bankers and idk they'll fix it or something


Create a super-powerful, untouchable class of Party Administrators and idk they'll fix it or something


Create a super-powerful, untouchable class of Army Generals and idk they'll fix it or something

Today is the 10th anniversary of None Pizza With Left Beef, originally posted on October 19, 2007. How fortunate we are to witness this important moment in history.

@HTHR it's finally here! video games 2! order now at 1-800-GAMES!

AMAZON PRIME VIDEO: Hope you like "Poldark"

"Oh and here's a completely unrelated picture of a guy that looks like the Punisher because it'll get you rubes to click on this" octodon.social/media/PBtuEG2TE

in what I will assume is a rare moment of corporate introspection, target bought ads against "trash furniture" for some reason and if you click through will happily list the trash furniture available for sale there mastodon.social/media/CoeVmmbm mastodon.social/media/MHbTpaUc

Wired turned into dystopia porn so gradually that nobody really noticed octodon.social/media/VLFpwM4WD