A man, a plan, a canal, a panama hat, a fake cigar, a length of twine, a can of paint, a whoopee cushion, a polaroid camera, a blackmail note, a suitcase full of money.

Hogan's Heroes

Hogan's Gyros

Gauguin's Gyros

OK I ran out of ideas here, so I went ahead and made another version of @otherfootbot especially for Mastodon. You're... welcome?

Every goddamn year with this, you guys

4/20 Public Service Announcement:

Once again, it is NOT TRUE that if you smoke an *entire pound* of "exquisitely kind bud" you will wake up in the alternate universe where Al Gore won the 2000 election.


So hey check out this fuckin'... anecdote

I was with my wife yesterday morning on a crowded train platform in DC, pushing our baby along in the stroller (painting a picture here, folks) and I turned to her and said "HEY did you know Some Like It Hot was meant to be part I in a trilogy?" and she was like "Whoa, really?" and I said "Yeah, the last installment was gonna be Some Like It In The Pot Nine Days Old" and she shot me a withering look and I've been laughing about it since then, The End.


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