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hornt adjacency 


it's always okay, in fact encouraged, to boost my lewds and nsfw posts. i like people seeing how much of a lil slut i am πŸ’–

hi! im not here anymore! im at! come say hi!

**instance switch** 

hi nurds, moved to the Fun Zone
hit ya girl up! xxxxx

l e w d, breathplay 

fuck my face til i pass out <3

big lewd, bodywriting, degradation, cnc 

i asked some of my internet friends what i should write on my body. dyou have any ideas? gimme a word/phrase and a location, and ill post a new set tomorrow! xx

[boosts appreciated, flirts encouraged! love youuuuu!]

someone tuck this lil girl into bed, pet my hair, and kiss my forehead c:

superrrrr lewd, req for reader 

oh my god ive been in heat for fucking days, someone just pin me down and fuck me hard ive been a good girl i promise, i'll do whatever you want, i need to feel your hands digging into my thighs as you pound my cute little fuckhole im a dumb whore please use me it feels good to obey

america in 9 days? who's excited for JUNEPOSTING HOURS to become REGULAR HOURS

selfie, eye contact, wrestle memes, trans gang 


lewds n newds, girldick, ass, eye contact 

good morning masto! i feel sexy today.

replies loved, boosts appreciated, flirts encouraged! let's smooch 😘😘😘

i hate late night mastodon because none of my American Friends Are Posting

self harm, mild nsfw 

she'd look better with scars on her throat

disassoc, mh- 

i dont want this body i dont want this life i dont want this exist3nce i want a new one i dont want this one i hate having broken knees and the wRONG FUCKING GENDER i just want to be new and proper and shiny

big mh--- 

i hate being contained to this fucking broken skinsuit i want out i cant breathe in here

i just wanna be free and shiny and pure, not shackled to this prison. help me

selfcare, lewds, mh-, sadgirl 

i feel disgusting and my skin looks gross as fuck, so i'm posting porn to try and make myself feel better.

pms encouraged, boosts appreciated. tell me. im pretty, or tell me i look gross. who knows.

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